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Real Name: Unknown. Just goes by Brother Yaga.

Aliases: The Dark Huntsman, Fedor Ilyovich

Age: Probably about 17

Height: 5'9"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Yellowish-green

Base of operations: Russian wilderness

Description: Brother Yaga wears homemade leather and furs. This is in stark contrast with his gold-rimmed goggles. He carries a hunting bow and quiver of arrows feathered with dropped phoenix quills. He is unkempt, but not dirty.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment


While not truly trained, Brother Yaga picked up some of the magical arts during his time in captivity. He specializes in hunting spells and minor charms. Major magic is well beyond him.

There's probably something special about him that caught Baba Yaga's eye in the first place...


Brother Yaga is a skilled huntsman. He can track, kill, skin, and gut almost any animal. His weapon of choice is the bow and arrow, though he can use a spear or short knife quite well.

He is able to command Baba Yaga's house, or summon a flying mortar and pestle to transport him elsewhere.

He seems to have limited animal communication, though only with wild beasts. Housepets are just confusing.


Tonewood Bow + Phoenix Fletching arrows: The bow speaks with the wind (though the purpose of this is unknown). The arrows combust and regenerate. If the feathers are removed, they can be used in potions or medicine. The arrows will always return to their owner...eventually.

Goggles: Provide night-vision, as well as the ability to detect magic.

Hunting Knife: Standard knife


Snatched from the cradle, he left but a name behind. Raised among dancing shadows in the musky house of an ancient witch. Baba Yaga, the child snatcher. She who flies through the gloom in a mortar and pestle, she who lives in a house on chicken legs. There in the dark woods in the heart of the untamed country. Sometimes Baba Yaga grows attached to those she has whisked away. There are many stories to be told there, but as in all cases, they are merely masked by the curtain of a happy ending. After hundreds of years what is an ending?

So the child grew, and the child schemed.

Under the watchful eyes of the riders of dawn, day, and dusk, he played with the shadows in the woods. There, in the gloom, where twilight lasts and eternity and gnarled roots clutch the heart of the earth.

There in the woods he was told what to do by a grizzled stag.

And he did not do what he was told, and the stag's head was mounted on the wall, its innards boiled into venison.

There in the woods he was told what to do by a Siberian Tiger, come in from the plains

And he did not do what he was told, and the tiger was skinned and made into a rug

There in the woods he was told what to do by a dying wolf.

And he did as he was told, but the wolf had long since died.

With the rustling of feathers the chicken-legged house ran into the night, taking the child with it.

Baba Yaga would return at daybreak to find nothing at all. It is not a good idea to wrong Baba Yaga.

The child lived in the wood for several years, learning its ways and harnessing the powers he had stolen away.