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Loved it 0

I was never really a big fan of GL until the New 52 GL. Ever since Geoff Johns has taken over the character it had been one of my favorite parts of the month. I live the Sinestro stories. If Hals story doesn't start to pick up Sinestro might become the new face of GL. I liked this issue it really cut to the core of Sinestro. He was a great story this month. I'm not a huge fan of Hals current arc but Sinestros makes up or everything that Hals isn't. This is a good book and I have a feeling...

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I liked it 0

I like the Superman and WW relationship and if you like that than this will be a good read it shows a lot of WW and Clark together without the costumes and I think it is interesting seeing WW trying to blend as easily as Clark. I think that the cover was a little misleading though there was very little action in this one other than the intro and someone ripping a cape. Because WW is not even in her suit and you see more of the Clark suit than the Supes suit. But I liked it. I like the way th...

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Loved it! 0

I really like the whole mystery behind the Trinity War. There is not much I can say about this issue other than buy it. I have a lot of comics on my pull list but I have to say this one is by far my favorite because its just fun to see all of the separate characters interacting. I miss Green Lantern but we'll see him again soon hopefully. I enjoyed this book though it was fun and I enjoy the chemistry between WW and Superman, and Batman and everyone else....

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Pretty Good 0

I liked this book I liked how we got to see Flash as a hero without the powers. I was not a huge fan of the artist change though I thought it was really different I've gotten so used to The Flash look I wasn't a fan of the change. But this was a good read. I really can't wait to have some confrontations with Reverse-Flash....

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