Marvel solicitations February 2013 (under construction)

I'm trying out something new and what I'll do is show a cover and then talk about it and the premise of the issue this may sound similar to what the Mighty Monarch does but it's not it's marvel not DC. I'll also state whether I'm getting it or not. If two of them come out that month I will talk about both.

I'm not getting this mainly because of money limits but I really like the cover it shows the history of Peter Quill and is a very nice bit of art from Steve McNiven. This issue serves as a introduction to the new ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy series while the point one story was good not great I gave it a four but since the story was only 10 pages long I didn't actually mind but I hope the series is good. But my brother is getting it (mainly for Rocket Racoon) so I will probably review it then.

I'm not buying this Greg Land's art and money restraints threw me of it this cover I like the new armour but hardly any blank covers are good and this one is just so empty. This does serve as a introduction to the Guardians of the Galaxy as Iron Man will turn up in it it could be good but the art threw me off.

I think this series is not going to be very good the Nova mini story in the point one was all over the place and not very good and this covers pretty weak and it looks quite cartoony the Marcos Martin variants a lot better this is just Nova with a blurred edge around him it's pretty weak I am not going to pick this up.

I like the new designs especially on Magneto he looks like the age of Apocalypse version and pretty badass I won't pick this up because I've never been a Cyclops fan and the idea didn't grab me as much as some of the other Marvel Now series and Bachalo's art can sometimes be hard to make out.

Emma's going back to her Black queen dress she had in Dark X-men like I said I won't pick this up I do like the cover it hasn't got much to it but the diamonds are a nice touch.

I LOVE THIS COVER!!!! The designs fairly basic but flipping the enemies of Valkyrie and Misty around look really good and it's Mark Brooks his covers are always really nice and the colours are great. I won't pick this series up even though it sounds interesting.

This covers fairly simplistic but the emotions are really good and the blood stains look really good and I really want to see Wasp on a team again because she's a really good character but who cares about the cover because OLIVIER COIPEL IS DRAWING UNCANNY AVENGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so going to pick this up.

This cover is great the perspective to it is great and the reflection in Cap's sheild is great it's a great cover but I won't pick it up.

This cover is great it looks like a dossier and all the characters in it look really good this series shows promise but I won't pick it up maybe in Trade I'm really interested to see Bucky on a team since it's a great character.

The covers by Dustin Weaver have been great the first three were connecting variants and even though they were just showing the huge team it was still good but this I love the split between space and Earth is perfectly done even though I won't be buying this my brother is so I will read it then this series looks really good and the introduction of one of the Imperial guard to the team sounds really good I can't wait to read it.

This cover is awesome the last one was good and this one is even better the design is great and the background is perfect this issue is said to so the origin of the universe it sounds great and I can't wait to read it.

I don't like this cover the design is great but Spider womans left leg is a little weird and the art just looks a little odd I'm not buying this series.

There are two issue coming out in February but this is the only cover I could find it's nice the emotion on the girls face and the backgrounds nice but it is a little Generic. I won't pick this up.

This blank cover works the characters trapped in boxes really works and I love Loki sitting on the Logo this is one of my most highly anticipated Marvel Now series and I will definitely buy this series and I think it will do really well but Marvel seem to pushing it a bit Quoted And much more from Marvel’s most critically acclaimed book. Yes, we’re saying it’s critically acclaimed and it’s not even out yet. We are very bad. Bit over the top.

This cover is awesome the skulls are a really nice touch and She-Hulk looks awesome but I'm not buying it.

I like this cover it's not as good as the last one but it's still good and the arts great I can't wait for this series to begin and it sounds really more interesting. I'm so picking this up.

I'm not buying this series and this cover has problems one Sif's leg is huge and Spider-man looks like he was taken from the Ultimate Spider man add.

Well that cover is beautiful I love Esad Ribic's painted covers and this is no exception even though thor's arm looks weird it's just really nice. I'm not getting it.

This cover is interesting the angles an odd choice and the premise of the issue is interesting the arts nice as well I won't get this but I might get it in trade.

I don't talk about Variants much but I love this it's terry Dodson who I always like the art but everyone looks great in this and the backgrounds great.

Well this is silly I'm not getting the series because I've never been a FF 4 fan this cover is nice and the reflection is well done but I've never like Allred's art.

Um this is incredible? It's so detailed and realistic and the blood in his mouth that spells his name is really well done it's a great cover but I won't get the series.

These covers are great and this one is no exception the painted art is perfect and the red works so well even though I'm not buying this series Steve Dillon's art isn't great but the covers are great.

John Romita Jr's art has never been great but this is better than some of his stuff although the characters in the background look a little blocky and it is a little cluttered I may if money allows buy the first story arc but only if money permits.

I'm not a huge Spidey fan but this sounds interesting and him being a little harder and grittier sounds better and the covers interesting and I won't be getting the series due to money restraints again.

This cover has a nice layout and the reflections nice but I'm not buying the series.

The cartoony art of this cover really shows how goofy it is well everything is goofy is Doop I won't get this since I don't have the money but it could be fun.

I plan to buy this series on and off since some issue sound better than others this one does sound intriguing though since the covers nicely done and the clueless expression on Cyclops face is a nice touch it's Stuart Immonem and his work is always good and that's one of the main draws of this series. I will probably pick this up.

That cover is intense Salvador Larroca's art has always been good and I think now he's on a monthly book rather than the two weekly schedule on Invincible Iron man so it might be even better and this cover shows that this series is another one I'll buy on and off and this issue may be one of the ones I buy since the covers good. I will buy this issue.

I am probably going to buy the first story arc of this series I'm a big wolverine fan and I really like Frank cho's art this cover is nice but Wolverine's right foot looks really weird and looks more like a stump but the backgrounds nice this series sounds like a lot of fun.

I'm not going to buy this series but this covers pretty impressive with all the speech bubbles but the veins of legion look a little weird.

Posted by War Killer

Ugh...looks like after only what? Two, three issues of Captain America JRJR's art is looking like the same old crap he's been giving us recently. Which is sad seeing as his art from issue one actually looked pretty good compared to his other recent work; guess this is another example that being on a monthly series and still keep his art looking good. -___-

Or am I just over reacting...?

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great blog post.

I will tell you here what I'm getting and not as I'd tell you in a PM anyway so thought I'd save room:

Will be getting new Wolverine series as I'm a big fan of the character,

Already getting All New X-Men, F4, Thor, and Uncanny Avengers

Going to try Cable and X-Force as I love Larroca's art,

Have to get Spider-Man my fav Marvel character,

Getting Captain America as I have a big Cap collection so don't want to ruin it by not having newest series and despite JRJR's art not looking brilliant on this series Remender is a great writer,

Getting Thunderbolts even though I dislike Dillon's art (Elektra looks like a man for pete's sake) I'm big Punisher fan,

Getting Hulk and Young Avengers, both series look awesome

Not getting New or Secret Avengers, or Uncanny X-Men as getting enough X-Men and Avengers stuff,

and never been a fan of Nova or Gardians of the Gallaxy

Posted by thanosrules

Great Post!