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bane5 said:
"dude they our enemys why would you want to see them well i want to break batman back for good"
An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal.
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Lot of Batvillains signing up. Where's all the Superman, Wonder Woman rogues

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I swear if this is all one dude I'mma wreak sh!t

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Coming together nicely. Deathstroke in Gotham is never a good thing lol

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“Good, good. Just like that. Remember, you can use you’re opponents momentum against them.”

The encouraging words of Ben Foster echoed throughout his Tiger Dojo. His young students, wide eyed and eager to learn, hung on his every word. But before he could continue the golden chime just above the dojo’s entrance rang out, signaling the arrival of a customer. Or so he thought. Two men dressed in full military gear stood on either side of a short portly African American female. She was dressed in a black office suit attempting to mask her figure. In her arm she held a large manila folder and a look on her face that let Ben know she meant business.

With a subtle bow the Master of the Tiger Dojo excused his students for the day before turning his full attention towards the new arrivals.

“What can I do for Miss……”

“Its Ms. But you can call me Amanda, Amanda Waller. We don’t have a lot of time so I’ll cut the bullsh!t. We need you Ben, the Defense Department needs you. We know all about you and what you’ve done. Bronze Tiger”

She handed the folder over to the astonished looking sensei. Her facial expression soon turned to boredom as Ben thumbed his way through the document. They had everything. Every student he had ever trained, every master he had ever had. They even had records of his League of Assassins affiliations.  

“Mr. Foster, if you please.” snapped the woman as she snatched the information from his hand. “We don’t have time for this.”

“What exactly is it you think I can do for you? Ras Al Ghul is dead. The League of Assassins has gone underground. So if you’re think I could get close to them…..

“Not them” she interrupted before handing him another file. “Him”

Ben’s eyes sharpened in disbelief as he stared at Lex Luthor’s file. Quite possibly the most diabolical human mind ever witnessed. Although Ben had never actually met the man, his reputation had become legendary.

“You see Ben, we hear Mr. Luthor is planning on assembling some of the greatest villains the world has ever had the misfortune of producing. We need a man on the inside. That’s where you come in. We plant you in , right place wrong time sort of situation. They’re currently holding the Joker at the precinct. You’ll go there, break him out, befriend him. See where it leads. Do this, and you’ll be a free man. You’re record will be wiped clean. Its your choice Mr. Foster.”

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Turns to see the teams resident tank standing behind him.

"Just getting accustom to the new digs. Lurthor sure knows how to set up an HQ"
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Villains United was the #@!$. Working on a post now.

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Deathstroke Slade Wilson said:
"Dead shot said:
"Deathstroke Slade Wilson said:
"Dead shot said:
"nice place you got here

walks in while he rubs his guns mounted on his wrists"
another mercenary poser.. just like that Deadpool and the others.. are you joining? or just waiting for my sword to clear that head off your shoulders?"
now i think that you just might be afraid that maybe there is one who can actually surpass your skills. Now then you one eyed freak i didn't come here to talk to you so you can stick what ever sword you have up your ass

smirks as he walks past the man"
Pssh! you wouldn't surpass me even if your life depended on it.."
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This alliance has great potential.

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