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Never marry, not until he quits Batmanning. But Selina's always been his girl. BUT I would be quite content if he ended up with WW or Zatanna.

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Big problem is being in the shadow of the bat. Say you're at TV exec and you got a pitch about a show in Gotham. Are you going to go for Bats or NW?

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Batman uses techniques from 100+ disciplines. BUT, he does have a style.

It's hard, fast and stealthy, based around him tanking as few hits as possible while causing the greatest amount of damage. Its about controlling the situation and adapting faster than the other guy to things that change - i.e. just the sort of style you'd expect from Bruce's personality. It's very different from Supes (tank and punch until it dies), WW (rush in and try to pwn it hard) and Flash (avoid, avoid, avoid, taunt, big fast hit). Its even different from NW, who tends to be more acrobatic and flashy.

(This is why I loved DC animation, because you can show this sort of characterization easily - even JL and JLU had stylistic differences between the founders).

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In a fight. He really does enjoy crimefighting, unlike Bruce who sees it as a job.

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Plastic Man, Elongated Man and such similar guys.

Like, their power sucks - it doesn't look good on a page and its boring. How the hell did Plastic Man get into Justice League for a while?

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Something about it reminds me of Black Mask. See how the skin the black under the hood?

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You can never beat Batman at being Batman. NW will carve out his own niche, and excel.

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1. Supes costume is better for a cover, its brighter and very iconic, more so than Bats.

2. Supes is always the leader/figurehead in teams (i.e. situations were we would need a pick with both of them together). He is the icon, after all. Leaders go in front.

3. Personality wise, Bats is far more likely to avoid a dynamic entry/flashing pose/etc, being the (k)night and all that. I like covers/poses to reflect personality, so I almost prefer Bats being further back, shaded and generally looking scary.

This does seem to be changing at the moment. We have more Bat books right now, and there is no hugely successful new Supes trilogy.

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Same argument I made with the Batman vs Assassins battle.

Modern weaponry and fighting techniques beat the assassins easily. Either of the arches could solo with ease, even without their primary weapon.

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Oh this is tricky. I'll have to come back here.


Green>Blue>Silver>Yellow, Red>Black

Seems Blue has the power (two Kryptonians, Apocalypse Thor) and Silver has the smarts (Doom + Capt gives us awesome strategy and tactics, respectively, Steel is no slouch). Team Green is the most adaptive - we have two GLs, AMAZO and the best shapeshifter in DC. I pick Green winning, because I think that adaptability is gonna give them an edge with such a huge brawl.

Other than Bats, Storm and Black Adam, team Black doesn't seem to have a lot, I think they'd just be overwhelmed and lose quickly.