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@sophia89: sorry, replied to the wrong person.

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@sophia89: why don't you make your own case for Ghost Rider instead of calling in others?

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616 is the better prepper, so he should take this here.

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Deadpool, Elektra and Punisher vs. Jessica Drew, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

Takes place at night in NYC. Combatants start non-visible to each other, but are aware of who the opposition is.

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The reason Venom was kept on the the Thunderbolts was to even the numbers and the matchup, or at least that was the attempt. For those who consider this to be a stomp, how does adding Ghost Rider to round one or adding Leader to round two change the equation?

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@bringnit: in fairness, that thunderbolts issue with venom was filled with PIS and red leader cast a spell forcing GR to turn back into johny

That's fair, but the effects of the penance stare on a symbiote have resulted in the same outcome both times, so it is what it is.

I suppose the point that I'm trying to convey is that people talk about Ghost Rider as if he's an upper echelon character, but numerous times in recent history he's been less than that. In Circle of Four, the female Ghost Rider was killed, she lost during Fear Itself, Johnny got his butt kicked by Shadowland Daredevil... most of the arguments I've ever seen talking up the character are based on hyperbole and dialogue from Dr. Strange.

I'm not saying that he's not powerful, I just wish people would make a better case for him, particularly when he's frequently placed in the Thor/Sentry tier.

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Is he fully possessed by the Beast here, or at what point in Shadowland are we referring to? If it's early on, it's probably a stalemate, as I doubt he can put down Hulk. On the other hand, I can only see the team winning if Li's healing energy allows Daredevil to exert influence like Iron Fist's chi did.

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Johnny has been hurt by plenty of non-magical things. He didn't fare well against Venom recently, and he just was "killed" in Thunderbolts. His predecessor was also hurt by non-mystical means. Even more than Iceman, I find his powers to be much more badass in theory than in practice.

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@jashro44: I suppose I just find the ease in which he caught Parker's punch and flicked him away even more impressive than BT's admittedly impressive strength. I also remember a battle with Wraith, Parker and Anti-Venom against Negative and goons in which Parker thought to himself that his team couldn't win in H2H, which considering how physically powerful Brock was supposed to be at that point is indicative of Li's strength or at least durability.

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Truthfully, while this is more even, I'll still take Negative. He has better reflex and speed feats, and probably is stronger and even more durable. Particularly since this is to the death, I don't think this is a good match up BT.