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I am done with marvel after reading that book,I am now a vertigo dc,Dc,and top cow convert. Im done,marvel comics has pissed me off for the last time.

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Thor destroys Batman, Superman destroys Panther then ya, it's Thor vs Superman ... again ... Which is almost as pointless to debate as Batman vs Captain America at this point as neither come out with a clear advantage. Here's how this will play out; - Thor gets Superman with his magic thang; - No way! Superman gets Thor with his speed blitz thang;- But, but Superman dropped to this weak arsed magical thingie so Thor wins! - Whoa whoa, whoa there son, slow down! Thor lost to Hulk in a fist fight. Thor be weaker by far! - No, no, see, Thor holds back and doesn't use his wonderful magical powers against Hulk cuz he likes challenges ... against Superman, he won't be holding back! KAPOW! Superman is gone! - Oh ya? Superman pulls 1/3 of a planet! - So what? Thor threw a planet out of orbit in an arm wrestle with Hercules! - Well, Thor doesn't hold back... nuh uh! You're just sore cuz he loses to Hulk all the time!- Does not! - Does too! - Does not! - Well. It doesn't matter if he holds back. Superman holds back as well cuz he rarely uses his speed which he'll do here! - Thor is as fast as light as well! - No that's just travel speed! - Is not - Is too! Rinse and repeat ad infinitum. /thread.

Dude you deserve an award for this! LOL

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Easy ...............Dont.
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Ok ,Now I'm done with marvel
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Read In the beginning In the max series there is a brief moment where frank discusses the issue with government funded war's and government officials
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The punisher no..ok Im gonna go sulk from my nerd boner being killed when I found out they were adding new characters expecting to see the punisher.
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La noire full title music(main theme) 9 minutes

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whose line is it anyway

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You didnt come off rude at all man I enjoy your forums and I love these discussions.
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@Amegashita said:
@Mr. Dead Pool said:

I read somewhere that Joker has killed more people just randomly than super-powered villains that wreck entire cities if that's possible!

  It's just adds to his credit that I, as a fan, finds this plausible.

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@bringdeath said:

I have a verryyyyyyyyyy bad feelings about these new stories

I'm going to reserve judgment until a couple of issues in but I got to ask what particularly gives the vibe that this new series is going to be bad?

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How can they recall the exact body count? Frank once blown a whole Island to pieces and there is no way you can determine the bodycount form that. Not to mention non-canonical appearance such as "Punisher kills the marvel universe" or "Punisher MAX" series.

The Island had 2,000 mercenaries on it so Frank killed 2,000 people during the events that happened on Grand Nixon Island.

@Primmaster64 said:

O_O Damn...But it still doesn't compare to Superman-Prime.

Frank can't compete in the kill count against beings that destroy planets, star systems, galaxies, etc. However his kill count is the highest or one of highest among street level characters.

Well cody the thing is I dont like how greg ruckas is explaining the persona of the punisher,how he said that we know what he's thinking and how ALL his stories are about revenge,his stories are much deeper than that,Hell even remender touched on that and the thing is he's making it so grey and we all know the punisher sees life in black in white ennis established that hell even grant established that . 
Thats how the punisher thinks and I just dont have a good feeling because punisher isn't as simple as ruckas is making him, But like you said I'll read the first arc and see how it goes.