Uncanny X-Men #527 review

Well... I agree with Comicvine's Babs that this issue had a horrible portrayal of Emma Frost. Emma Frost would never be so mean between Colossous and Kitty. Why? It doesn't even make sense. I see that her and Tony Stark were closer then they should be. Personally I don't like Iron Man in comic books and it's funny that I got a chance to see him not be cool with a lady. Emma also was with Namor in this issue. Namor is cool so I guess it's okay when Namor is involved. 
I hope Emma and Cyclops break up. I want him and Jean to get back together and this relationship to never have happened. I also want Spider-Man and Mary Jane to get back together.  
 The Hope storyline is the best storyline ever since X-Nation/Utopia. Which we are still in. WooOOO! 
 I give this issue an obligatory 0 out of 5 for having Iron Man in it. If you were to subtract that you would end up with a 4.0 still because Hope and Namor were dragged down by Emma Frost. 
The art was to artsy. Obviously.

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Posted by Chesapeake