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Whatever, Magneto is a one trick pony when it comes to fighting.  Stryfe will know what he is planning and adjust accordingly.... I'm sure he can show up not wearing the metal suit, then Magneto will be begging him to put it back on so he has a chance.  By that time his mind will be busted already because Stryfe aint there for a lecture.

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@Klandicar said:
" @stevon said:
Sentry vs. Despero 
rules: both fights are in New York  both are at full power Despero can't use telepathy in the first fight, he can in the second who'd win? "
Full power Sentry stalemated Galactus.  Despero gets stomped hard in this thread.  Sentry is a mind buster himself so I dont see him being bested by Despero in that department.

His mind busting potential in that scan is astounding.  Despero will ruin his own mind trying to tap into the Void.
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Kingdom Come eats him alive.  Zoom is just a flash wannabe, come on.

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What the heck are some folks in the minority talking about Superman losing to her for?  Wonder Woman got her rearend handed to her in her own comic by a Superman being controlled by Max Lord (aka "What is Max Making Him See Now?").   Here is her wrist snapping by Supes just twisting it, proves his strength is above hers.

He coulda just snapped her neck when he grabbed her initially if he knew it wasnt Doomsday.  Face it, Wonder Woman might as well be Superman's maid.
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@Edamame said:

"  HOM was 616, right?
@The Mjolnir Wielder: Therefore, Nightcrawler being able to teleport heads off of people's body is still legitimate, unless proven otherwise. "

 Give Nightcrawler an adamantium sword and take off morals and he'd stomp some of these threads I've seen him in, but he gets destroyed here. 
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@Edamame said:
" @Bridgeman: I see, but can Nightcrawler teleport when his arm has been phased through Kitty Pryde? "
Sure, but his teleportation is more limited than her phasing.  There will be a point where he cant use it anymore and that is when she can just phase him through the ground.  He won't be able to teleport once he is phased into the ground because if he does he'll lose whatever is fused with the Earth.  She might be able to reverse phase him back out though, but even then it is questionable.  I guess he really will be crawling after this fight...
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@Edamame said:
" @Bridgeman: Beast's healing factor should be on Spider-Man's or maybe even Wild Child's level.  Or on Marrow's level. "
Spider-Man could beat her badly but if she did slash him he wouldnt be making wisecracks because he'd realize she can potentially kill him in a couple hits.   That healing wont save him, Beast would need a Wolverine/X-23 level healing factor to shrug off her blows.
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@Edamame said:
" @Bridgeman: How does Kitty Pryde hurt or kill Nightcrawler if she can't even catch him? "
Did you see what she did to World War Hulk?  She'll just phase his arm through her when he goes to hit her and let him go through the ground partially and leaves him there. 
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@Edamame said:
" @Bridgeman: I know about the durability.  Beast is just going to let Deathstrike rip his heart out? "
His healing factor isnt even close to other characters with healing factors.  If they fight eventually he'll be cut up enough to slow down and then she just eviscerates his blue butt.
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@Edamame said:
" @Bridgeman: You don't think that he can do that, even though he has before? "
He won't do it here and that is all that matters.  She can go intangible and prevent it from happening anyway.  He also wouldnt do it because of morals, he doesnt have it in him to teleport her head off.
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