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Someone needs to contact the dumb@sses of this production and SEND them THIS picture QUICK before they bastardize one of the greatest DC superheroines ever...I'm serious!! We need to band together people and make sure this autrocity does not happen!! WHO IS WITH ME?! 
*Waits and hopes he does hear crickets* "

Now THAT's Wonder Woman.
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I'm sorry, she looks terrible as Wonder Woman. It's the face that's the problem for me. She's just the wrong casting choice, IMO.
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I hate to say this so bluntly, but I don't thnk her face is pretty enough. I think the woman who plays Wonder Woman should be stunning. This actress isn't.
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Sounds good. I wonder who will play WW?  Bridget Regan could do it, but she'd have to work out a lot; she's a little "soft".  
Whoever it is, I hope they don't make her change into her costume by spinning around really fast like they did in the 70's version. Also, I would love it if they linked this with other DC heroes like Smallville did.
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I notice people voicing concern over the casting choice of Anne Hathaway, which reminds me of the last Batman flick where people voiced concern over the casting choice of Heath Ledger.  
I was one of those people voicing my concern. I've learned my lesson. I'm giving Nolan the benefit of the doubt this time.
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Anyone else get the sense that Orwell is Chess's daughter? Seems reasonable.  
I don't see this show having much of a future unless the show changes drastically. I have to say, It's pretty cheesy through most of it. The only interesting dynamic I see in the show is the relationship between Orwell and The Cape. But any sexual tension is instantly neutered due to the fact that the ultimate goal for The Cape is reuniting with his wife and son.  
That's my take on it, anyway. I'll be really surprised if this makes it very far. Back to the drawing board, me thinks. 
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Exactly. :)
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Movies are nice but I wish they would go back to the series. Young Justice is a good start, but I want more Superman-Batman-Wonder-Woman. Weekly.

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I'm sure it can work. It worked in the 70's, so there is a precedent for it.  
However, I don't think it has to be live action. Animated seems to be well recieved. Just give her an animated series and see what happens. If it takes off, studios will have a clear sign that there is a market for the live action. 
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This is terrible news! I think he did a fine job on both movies. I can't think of another director that would give the 3rd movie the same flavor as the first 2. Oh well, as long as they don't contact John Woo, Ryan Singer, or Michael Bay for the job I think things will be okay. 
Can you imagine them collaborating? Tony Stark would end up finding out Pepper had given birth to his son and married someone else, so he'd jump out of a window in super slow motion while his house blew up in a mushroom cloud.  
... okay that actually sounds kind of cool....