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Baz is what DC wants for J.Stewart.

I will speak bluntly , DC needs a more diverse set of characters, and they have shown this by making attempts at gender, sexual , and ethnic variations with different degrees of success.However they are a old company with a lot of old , white, traditional characters.

Unlike marvel - every introduction of a non white character is viewed with immense attention , wondering what this stoic company will do with a non white hero.

Now while we may or may not admit it , ethnic peoples often live in less than ideal conditions in america (historically).Whether it be the early Italians or the hispanic today - they have different experiences in this country than most of their white peers.

I believe that while J.Stewart is black in skin tone - he may very well be the most "bland" or "vanilla" of the Lanterns.By doing this they did not risk a backlash but still moved forward progressively ,but that only gets you so far.

America and the world views the treatment of ethic people in the USA in a negative light , especially the history the country has with black segregation.However as of right now the feelings towards people of Arabic background is not quite as sensitive.

Lets say you take the Simon Baz story and you change a couple details, lets say he is black and from a bad neighborhood.A street racer, a thief, a potential murderer, with tattoos and a superhero mask that looks like a balaclava.Do you think there would be some sort of a backlash?

I think so , and I'm not sure DC would run that story ... at all, despite the fact it is a premise which is interesting , and lays out potential for conflict (which in essence is the heart of story telling).

To sum it up, J.Stewart is avoided because he was a tool, to add diversity to the DCU while adding very little as far as character.

Is he more interesting than :

the Cocky Hal Jordan


The Brash Guy Gardner


The creative Kyle Rayner.

The answer is no

He is safe, and no artist is chomping at the bit to play it safe.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

The Others

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@Squalleon said:

I disagree with the idea of three ongoings for one superhero and even though Supes is my favorite superhero i don't think he needs a third ongoing!

DC should focus on improving Action Comics and Superman rather than planing another title.The Snyder/Lee project (which i will definetely buy :-P) it would be better as a mini-series or something.

What do you think does Supes need another title or DC should improve the current ones?

I agree..

In a way

Cancel Action & Superman... because I am going to read the Snyder/Lee title pretending the current runs had never come out.

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I agreed with a lot of what you said... except

My God, what is with all the hate for Catwoman? It's spectacular. Better than the Batman ongoing.
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So dumb... so .. dumb

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Aquaman : The others.

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Wisdom is one of his powers.

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They are from the 1977 run on star wars. If they are 1st prints they typically run (NM) 30-50 dollars.

However if you have any variants (didn't check) you could be looking at 1400 for (NM) prints.

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This is kind of an odd question a I would assume most of us (the literate anyways) do both.

To be fair however, if we are presuming this question is relevant... it should include smelling the comics as it is what I do first.