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154605 Larry Lonsby Jr. Person Overview Because this guy has gotten several books out hes a hard worker, and part of what indy comics are about. 07/19/13 02:30AM 50 Approved
154599 New Concept Concept Overview Moonfyre is the emitted form of MoonShadow's power. Channeled through MoonShadow's body via the Moonstone Moonfyre is cold to the touch, semi solid and burns and immolates like fire. 07/19/13 02:22AM 50 Denied
154595 Tezlon: The Swordsman Volume Overview Successful joint studio venture, published by Dark Elf Designs 07/19/13 02:15AM 50 Approved
154478 Brian Germain Person Overview Adding more Bio Information, 07/18/13 10:25PM 436 Approved
151128 MoonShadow Character Overview First Appearance in Blotter is Wrong 07/17/13 02:25AM 19 Approved
107268 Issue Overview Another issue in the series 06/12/13 09:00PM 50 Approved
107244 The Spark Character Overview A main recurring character in the Flint Comix paper 06/12/13 08:52PM 50 Approved
107174 Issue Overview Added contributor Credits 06/12/13 08:16PM 2 Approved
107173 Issue Overview Added some contributors 06/12/13 08:15PM 4 Approved
107172 Issue Overview The most recent in the series. 06/12/13 08:12PM 50 Approved
107088 Flint Comix & Entertainment Company Overview I'm a Flint area native and frequent contributor to this publication. 06/12/13 06:26PM 520 Approved
30562 Bill Messner-Loebs Person Overview Just adding some credits 04/22/13 03:24AM 20 Approved