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Artcasting has begun

So I started this week three nights ago I did my first sketchcard artcast via Ustream. I have been video casting some of the Image cards I am doing for CBLDF and Cryptozoic's "Liberty" set. So far my set of 20 cards includes Spawn, Savage Dragon, Shadowhawk, Badrock, and Witchblade to name a few.  You can also check them out as they are approved over at my facebook page under the album named CBLDF Sketch Cards or somethign akin to that lol.  At anyrate here is my facebook address While you're there check out my other albums as well.
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Ready or not here I am!

Ok this is my second start of a blog for my second profile here.  I will be mostly blogging about upcoming updates and events concerned with Dark Elf Designs comics or other comic properties I am working on as this is a comic based site I may chime in here with something random however and just hope to not offend too many people. The latest news for me is I started working with another comic company called Infinity Comics Group.

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