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Brian Germain is an artist and creator as well as the founder of Dark Elf Designs, an alliance of creative talent joined together for the purpose of promoting their talents through networking. They are a community of individuals grounded in the arts with a current focus on comics, graphic novels, and illustration. Since 1992 Brian has worked as a professional artist in addition to many of his other endeavors including but not limited to acting, filmography, event and talent promotion, and charity work. Brian has done work for the ACTOR comic fund (Now the Hero Initiative) as well as Whaley's Children's Center, Autism, The United Way, Protect.Org, MDA, and Animal Rescue.

Brian has worked for several companies, comics and projects over the years including Arrow Comics, Graham Stanley’s Invisible Art, Twisted Gate Entertainment, Affinity Press, Dynamo Comics, MAIN publishing, Sketch Card Studios, COM Publishing, Sword & Science, Adventurous Magazine, Champion City Comics, Infinity Comics Group and more.

Brian and his company Dark Elf Designs have been responsible for helping some great new up and coming talent get their start including J.S. Earls (creator of Pistolfist), Dwight MacPherson (Edgar Alan Poo, Jim Reaper, Dead Men Tell No Tales), Ozzy Longoria (Nathaniel Demon, Sails of Blood), Pierre Villeneuve (Flashback Universe, Saturn Knight) as well as networked with industry greats like Eddy Newell (Black Lightning), Bill Messner-Loebs (Journey’s, The MAXX), and Scott Rosema (Space Ghost, Silver Surfer).

Published work includes but is not limited to the following…

Great Dane Reporter (national ad) age 16

Comcast Cablevision (national ad) age 18

MoonShadow #0, 2003 Dark Elf Designs

The Shoe #1, 2004 Dark Elf Designs

The Gryphon #0, 2005 Dark Elf Designs

Captain Jolt #0 2005 Dark Elf Designs

The Sorrow #0, 2006 Dark Elf Designs

The Chosen Few #1, 2008 Dark Elf Designs (Inks w/ Peter Palmiotti)

Trixy Girl #1, 2007 Twisted Gate Entertainment (Colors)

War of The Worlds: Haven and the Hellweed #1, Arrow Comics 2007(cover)

War of The Worlds: Haven and the Hellweed #2, Arrow Comics 2008(cover)

War of The Worlds: Haven and the Hellweed #3, Arrow Comics 2008(cover)

Legerdemain: The Shattered Mage Saga, COM Publishing-Sword and Science 2007 (cover, Interior Illus. w/ Bill Loebs)

Chicken Wings For The Beer Drinker’s Soul, COM Publishing 2008 (cover)

Dreamers at Infinities Core, COM Publishing 2008 (cover)

A Not So Perfect Christmas, COM Publishing 2008 (cover, Interior Illus.)

A Puppy for Christmas, Horror Shorts 2011 (3 page comic)

Bounty Hunter #0 (Letters) 2013

Other Stuff

Wide Awake Club , Flint Journal Age 7

Lion’s Club logo Contest Age 12

Genesee County Art Fair First and Third Place winner age 14