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I have been strongly disappointed with the spider, ever since they changed artists. I would never of thought that an artist would be the only reason i liked a comic, but I'm about ready to take the spider off my pull list. I just don't like the art any more.

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The art looks different, one of the main reasons i read this book is because the art is so unique, this looks pretty run of the mill. did they change artists?

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@TDK_1997:you most definitely should. One of my favorite comics out there.

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I'll start it off by talking about what databases i use to keep my collection organized.

One of my favorite online databases is at Stash My Comics ( it is a free site, that offers unlimited database space. You can input your comics by bar-code if you have a scanner, and it's easily navigable. It tracks up to date prices, and you can adjust your comics condition, how much you paid, and it has separate categories you can view, such as a list of all the comics you own with 1st appearances or origin stories. The only down side is that the current prices they list for comics seem to be consistently high. It has a attentive staff that work on any bugs or fixes that are brought to their attention in a timely fashion, and the archive of information is pretty deep.

For current pricing of comics, I tend to use Comic Base ( This is a database software that you can download. The free version lets you input up to 500 comics in your database, but I mostly use it to gather up to date prices on my old comics. They tend to lean on the more conservative side, but they also allow you to post your comics on their sales site, and you can check what prices other people are selling them for to get a good estimate on the real world value of a comic. Although I'm new to comic collecting, I've found that a comics price theoretically, often varies from what it can be sold for in reality.

What is everyone else using to keep their comic collection organized and prices up to date?

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I looked quickly through this site, and I couldn't find a forum where people can discuss collecting comics. I thought it would be cool to have a forum where we can discuss the tools we use to keep our collections organized, such as databases and price guides. Also, advice from veterans on the best ways to start, and keep a quality collection, as well as pitfalls to avoid. This could be a place for simple general discussion on collecting comics, the trials and tribulations of keeping a comic stash and a significant other, or the joy of finding that one back issue you've been searching for, for ages. I hope people are interested, and I'm looking forward to some fun discussion.

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What happened at DC that caused the hiatus? I'm out of the loop

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@Miss_Garrick: how about Night Owl from Watchmen

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@Seraphim84: I agree with you %100, Spectacular Spiderman had some amazing fight scenes, and the story telling wasn't half bad. The Spectacular Spiderman show did not talk down to their audience, which Ultimate does all the time. I definitely think Ultimate are aiming for a much, much younger crowd, which i really can't fault them for, i was just hoping for a continuation of the same quality show as Spectacular. The playing to the camera, and the anime-esque quick cuts are awful. Ah well, at least Archer is still on.

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@Renee: sorry my friend, no floating moose, it's spiked into the ground near the fire, you can see the spike protruding from the center of the moose.

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I hate crossovers, i always end up missing story arcs, because i won't buy 5 different comics for one cross over event.

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