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Wow, the posters look terrible. Trailer seems fine though. Not expecting anything as good as the first two films, but I doubt it will be too bad.

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My favorite works in science fiction and fantasy are standalone novels, but there are still many great series to choose from. I'll give it a shot. These are what I enjoyed the most, not what I think are the most well written. I assume short stories count.

- The Lord of the Rings (even if you count the main trilogy as one book, I'm including the Hobbit and the other related works)

- Discworld

- Gormenghast (which was never completed, unfortunately)

- The Hitchhiker books

- Oz

- New Sun

- Chronicles of Amber

- Moorcock's "End of Time"

- Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser

- The Black Company

- Earthsea

- "Culture"

- Dying Earth

- Demon Princes

- Faded Sun

There are a lot more I like (and even more I think are, at least, decent), but these stand out.

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Sadly, some of the dumbest things I've heard were on these forums. I don't want to mention specifics though. I've grown tired of arguing on the internet.

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It's Always Sunny is one of the better American comedies in recent years and is generally an excellent show, but Seinfeld pretty much changed my life and how I view things. I'm all for difference of opinion and all that, and I can understand some of the newer generation not getting it, but I just can't see eye to eye with anyone who actively dislikes the show.

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I think actual "only Marvel" and "only DC" types are rare and, if they exist, can be easily ignored.

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It's the internet. It has nothing to do with being comic book fans (in fact comic book fans seem to be a lot more respectful compared to a few other "nerdy" fandoms). Though, that being said, this place does seem to attract a lot of internet tough guys compared to other comic book forums, which is why I don't really post here as much as I used to. I guess that's the price of popularity.

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I think I've posted here before, so this one will be mostly video game focused:

- The last good game released by Bioware was KOTOR. Their last great game was Baldur's Gate: 2.

- The best first person games were released in between 1996-2004. No FPS has even come close to the original Deus Ex, and probably never will.

- Console RPGs suck.

- Fallout 3 was an embarrassment to the franchise.

- Iron Man is the most interesting Avenger.

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I love the Deus Ex (the first one) soundtrack. Planescape:Troment and Fallout also have excellent music.

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I can't explain it, but it has a lot to do with the song structure. It's very subjective of course; I don't give a damn about technical ability.

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I'm an atheist, but I'm mostly just apathetic towards religion. I don't care what religion people belong to as long as they don't let it interfere with things such as scientific research and don't force their beliefs on other people.

"Atheist" and "atheism" aren't proper nouns, btw.