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No Ultimates, please. I don't want to see Hawkeye using guns. The Ultimate costume looks like something from G.I. Joe anyway. No thanks.

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Whatever Clint Barton appears in this, I hope it's not the Ultimate version.

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I don't understand why people think that they have to buy all the tie-ins in a crossover to understand what's going on. Do you think titles like the recent Skull Kill Krew  mini affected the Dark Reign storyline in any significant way? If you have no interest in a particular title there's no reason to buy it just because it says it ties in to an event. The only time it really sucks is when it interferes with an already ongoing story.

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I enjoy crossovers as long as it flows nicely into the the comic series. I agree that some of them like WorId War Hulk tie ins were useless, but I enjoyed Civil War and Dark Reign is pretty enjoyable so far. I get all the books related to Marvel's Earth-616 and D.C.'s New-Earth anyway so I don't feel like I'm forced to buy them. You don't need to pick up every tie-in to follow the story anyway. It's not like when we had stuff like 'Maximum Carnage'  and major Batman storylines in the 90s  that forced you buy different books to follow the story.

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Yea it's not going to be in 616 continuity, but it'll be cool seeing 'mature' versions of established Marvel characters.

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I guess it'll be fine for a while but I hope they change him back eventually somehow (my making a deal with the Hood or someone, I dunno). There just aren't too many major characters in the Earth-616  Marvel Universe that aren't super-powered beings, spell-casters, martial artists, mutants, cyborgs, power-suit users, monsters and aliens, and it'll be a shame losing another. If it goes on longer than 5-6 issues I'll definitely be disappointed, especially if he's going to be hanging out with the Legion of Monsters for the remaining issues. It just doesnt seem characteristic for him to be working with such characters.

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They'll have to eventually change it back, I like Frank as a non-powered human with high-tech weapons. Marvel has enough of characters with super-powers and power-suits. Maybe he'll make a deal with The Hood or someone to change him back.
I liked the series so far, so I'll stick with this and see how far it goes.

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I have to agree that his art is pretty unbearable. I don't like the cartoon-y style of drawing. It makes it difficult to take the works seriously.

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I'm hoping it's Fury or Stark who takes him down.

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He's going to play a role in the next major arc (apparently invading Asgard), so I don't think he'll be killed or jailed at the end of Dark Reign.