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While Iron Man has never looked better on the silver screen, Marvel has pretty much sabotaged him in the comics for well over a decade. I do not blame any modern-era reader in the slightest for thinking of him as a complete and utter tool because that is the way the writers have consistently portrayed him for far too long.

Tony Stark has been reduced to:

1 - Hero that always takes the hated position in conflicts, and usually for no good reason.

2 - Punching bag that less popular heroes use to prop themselves up

3 - Genius that is made to look stupid to prop up other genius characters

I really hope RDJ never reads a current issue of Iron Man, he will likely never play the role again, and that would be a shame. His portrayal is as close to "classic" Tony Stark as one can find outside of deep digging in a back-issue bin at your local LCS.

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Marvel has really done their best to ruin Moon Knight with the constant re-inventions and character reboots, its a shame because at the core he really has the potential to be a far more popular and interesting character if they can only find a solid direction and stick to it.

Sadly to many failed "new directions" have relegated him to 3rd tier status, in the right hands he could do much better IMO.

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How is Brett Ratner even in the discussion????

He killed the franchise and forced a reboot a la Joel Schumacher (Batman)

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Anyone who still believes that a person should be denied generally accepted human rights due to being LGBT needs to get their head checked. Even with all the real problems in the world worth dealing with we have untold millions of people still hung up after all this time about the concept of two guys (or girls) getting it on....please. Take your 1950's sensibilities and bullshit religious-based bias and go back to your hole where you still think the era depicted in Mad Men is the way the world should be.

Amazing (yet sad) this is still a thing that needs to be discussed and not just common practice.

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The movie was (at times) entertaining, but with a plot that was glossed over more than the paint job of a new Ferrari, and endless glorified cameos thrown together into a blender and set to puree. I give Singer some slack as he had to somehow wash and disinfect the stain left by Brett Ratner and his incompetent handling of X-Men 3, which is really the point of the entire film in a nutshell, wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.

There are some really talented actors involved with this franchise, hopefully the writers will give them something of real substance to work with moving forward, the table is set, time to see if Fox can do something with it.

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I saw my first R-rated movie when I was seven

This explains so many things about you and why your characters are consistently put through the were raised on Hollywood sex and violence :)

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Pyro and Edward Windsor (in front) :)

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@assault: MFW Mercy said she aint seen Fight Club.

Not her fault.....Dad does not let her watch R-rated movies yet :)

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do yourself a favor and watch fight club or better yet read the book. Its actually a a great book and the film has some great actors in it as well.

You are breaking rules one and two of Fight Club and risking the success of Project Mayhem.....Mr. Durden will not be pleased.

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