Who Makes Up Your X-Men Illuminati?

If the concept were to be applied to just the X-Teams and related characters, what 6 would you select to make up this version?

The team would be designed to covertly guide the X-men and the mutant cause as a whole.


What is DC's Plan Should the New 52 Sales Continue to Fall?


While the initial launch of the New 52 pushed DC into the forefront of comics news and gave them some stellar sales, the trend shows that the sales are dropping back to earth month after month and it is reasonable to assume they may may reach pre-reboot levels at some point. If that comes to be, what would and should DC do then?


Marvel Reboot - Fearless Defenders

I give Marvel credit for at least trying to promote their female characters with their own title, but there newest offering has many glaring issues:

1 - Fearless Defenders is just a terrible name, makes the New Warriors sound regal in comparison.

2 - Valkryie, Misty Knight, and Dani Moonstar are a very underwhelming base (and I like Dani)

3 - Tying the premise to the Valkyrior really does not help with wide appeal to casual readers

Acting under the assumption that this title has a very limited shelf life, what would you do if Marvel gave you the green light to do a female team with no restrictions other than it should be able to stand on it's own feet and have a chance of being a success.

Team Name -

Premise -

Roster (Up to 6) -

Writer -

Artist -

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