Cyclops New Secret Base

As much as I applaud one of the X-writers for finally realizing that a secret base is actually a good idea, how long do you give them before the secret is blown, and the base blown up. Marvel has blown up the X-Mansion who knows how many times, so I'm just assuming it's a given.

I also really want to see it explained how this was built in the first place, lots of questions on that one with the events of the last decade in the X-verse.


Grade the Publishers - Based on Today

Give a standard school letter grade for how you feel the status of each publishers comic universe stands as of today. This has nothing to do with sales numbers, only with the creative state of the titles and stories being told. I am curious to see who the Vine decides makes the Honor Roll with the best GPA.

1 - Marvel -

2 - DC -

3 - Dark Horse -

4 - Image -

5 - Valiant -

Feel free to add grades for any other small publisher if you choose.


Character Rehab - Hellion Edition

Hellion was among the most focused on and popular of the recent crop of X-kids, but while someone like Pixie's popularity seems to have held steady, his seems to have gone downhill since the days of Academy X and New X-Men. Since his getting "disarmed" in the defense of Utopia he has been floating in limbo with only sporadic cameos, mostly in relation to X-23.

What direction would you take him to re-ignite the interest in the character?


Character Rehab - Dazzler Edition

Dazzler was a bold marketing stunt Marvel pulled in the 70's as their version of KISS, but as a disco diva. She was able to hold her own series for the early part of the 80's until falling into obscurity for long periods of time with short term revivals here and there depending on the writer at the time (Claremont's Outback X-Men, New Excalibur). At this point she seems relegated into cameo duty to show up here and there to tease her fans, but what direction would you take her in if given the chance?


Marvel Now! - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Good - Best thing to come out of Marvel Now

Bad - Worst thing to come out of Marvel Now

Ugly - Character your most afraid for based on the new direction

Give one example for each of the three, this can be on current series or ones in discussion where the premise and rosters are known.


Character Rehab - Jubilee Edition

Jubilee tends to be one of those characters that are only looked fondly by long time X-Men readers. Likely because her heyday was during the 90's when she was central to both the X-books and the very good for it's time animated series. Since then, well, the years have not been kind to her to say the least. After the cancellation of Generation X she spent years in comic limbo, only to be brought back to be turned into a vampire in a transparent and lame attempt to suck on the teat of the Twilight craze.

What direction would you like to see her taken in?


What Should Marvel Do With Iron Man?

Tony Stark may have never looked better on the silver screen, but sadly RDJ's magic does not translate onto the printed page. The comic version has suffered badly ever since Marvel decided to make him the designated scapegoat for Civil War, and they have done little to rehabilitate his image since. Since then there has been quite a list of character assassinations (Prof X, Cyclops, Sentry, etc.) but as this is one of the longest lasting ones, I chose to focus on this.

What direction would you take the character into that would spur interest in the title as well as rehab an image that Marvel has really tarnished?


What 3 Characters has Marvel Improved the Most ?

As the yin to my earlier threads yang, since the year 2000 to today, what 3 Marvel characters do you feel have been improved the most by Marvel and why?

This can be because of:

1 - Better / deeper characterization

2 - Positive involvement in events and / or becoming more central to the Marvel U

3 - Rise from obscurity or revitalized

4 - General awesomeness


What 3 Characters has Marvel Butchered the Most ?

Since the year 2000 to today, what 3 Marvel characters do you feel have been butchered the most by Marvel and why?

This can be because of:

1 - Poor characterization

2 - Character assassination to push an event or events

3 - Complete lack of use

4 - General misuse

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