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"Angela, will you marry me?"

"You're too short, Rocket."

"This is Gamora."

"Oh. Then I'll think about it."

This made me laugh so hard. Just before was the scene where Rocket was 'breaking the big news' to his crew that he was going to ask her, which must have been blatantly obvious anyway. I love Gamora. Totally shippin' her and Angela.

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Not as bad as it could be. "Tolerable" I think is the word. Nothing I'd write a negative review over. I do, in stark contrast, love how she currently is in the comics though.

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Okay so the art was really good, then I got to ish 12... not so good... checked the next one... still not good. Does the art style go back to the way it is in the first 11 ish at any point or?...

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How old is this idea?

I was recently reading New Avengers, and having my mind blown by Reed's theories and hwo they're going to go about fixing their situation. Just now I see a 6-ish mini-series from '91 called Infinity Gauntlet. Now I haven't read the recent miniseries called Infinity as it's not on MU yet so please no spoilers, but how many times has this gauntlet been made and used, and broken, and made again?

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Oh yes. Some lore on Venom's home-world in this arc please and thank-you.

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@brazekool: The cuckoos were introduced by Grant Morrison, in New X-men circa 2001. They haven't gotten much character development since. I think Bendis is trying to give them some much needed shine.

However, in X-men Phoenix: Warsong (the follow up to X-men Phoenix: Endsong) circa 2006 it was established where the cuckoos came from.

I would advise reading all of New X-men. But Warsong... You can find enough information about online.

I have since read Warsong and that really cleared some stuff up. They're pretty cool. What's the main theme of end-song?

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Wait... what... since when is an X-Force movie common knowledge? Where is this written?

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The cuckoos were created and cloned from Emma's DNA, so they're often considered Emma's clone daughters.

Oh thank you (this has been irritating me for a couple weeks now... ), I don't suppose you remember the series there this happens? I should like to see it first-hand. I'm appreciating them a lot more with the recent comics. Especially when they demonstrate their ability (seemingly easy for a psychic I guess?) to dispel any feeling of fear and whatnot from an entire group to allow them to perform better in battle... that just has amazing implications for future applications... but now I can't understand why none of the other mutants with psychic abilities didn't make use of this potential in combat earlier...

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Questions that have arisen now that I've reached the point that Marvel Unlimited will allow me to for the time:

Q1) Can someone please explain to me everything they know about the Stepford Sisters (or the "cuckoos"). I must have read 20-30 issues of a few lines recently with them appearing in it but it's not clearly stated who they are. They sarcastically refer to Emma as their mother, but she rebuts with "I know I am not your mother" when trying to win their affection... they have a modified version of Emma's powers, and are almost physically identical to her, so who are they?

Q2) The last panel of Issue #6, that IS Emma right? I got very confused because I had assumed she'd been dragged to Limbo with the others... how is she THERE? Talking to what I can only assume is (Director?) Maria Hill?

Q3) I thought someone else took over being sorcerer supreme? Apparently it's still Dr. Stephen Strange... what am I getting confused with? Is there any story in any version of anything where he's not sorcerer supreme?

Also, how is everyone finding these new X-comics? I wish I knew what has happening with current issues but I'm enjoying the ones I currently have access to a lot. "All-New X-Men" in particular is probably one of my favourite comic-books of all-time now, I hope it is consistent at least... some of those covers for more recent issues are such a tease. If anyone's actually got spare codes that they're not using for that series (from buying in print) I'd be extremely grateful to have access to those ahead of time.