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An Excellent Start, Builds Great Promise 0

This was fantastic. Really I cannot say how excited I am for this event, not because of the promotional stuff but because of the event itself – this first issue – and that is how it should be. The promotions were good, but they almost always are so you normally don’t get a good idea of quality from them. This first chapter really lays it out. This is dark stuff that Johns and Finch are delivering. It feels like a whole other world and, unlike a lot of what we’ve seen before in the New 52, I’m a...

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Underwhelming 0

Now I wasn’t planning on picking this issue up but I talked myself into it when I actually got in the store. I’d read an article that was suggesting Darkseid might have a big event coming up soon and I thought, well on the off chance that’s true I will try to stay in the loop. So I bought it, read it, and I’m left pretty underwhelmed.Greg Pak writes this issue which should have tipped me off from the get-go but I still feel like this was false-advertisement. This should have been listed as a Ba...

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Disappointing 0

I was extremely unimpressed with this issue, which is a real shame because it started out with so much promise. The book starts off with Belle Reve Supermax Penitentiary being invaded by the Crime Syndicate. Just as Black Manta is being offered a new “purpose” from Amanda Waller, all of the prisoners are set free and told “the world is yours.”There’s a beautiful moment here where Black Manta goes to get his gear from the Personal Effects storage room and Ocean Master has arrived at the same tim...

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