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he "died" and went to someplace where gods go to die. Meanwhile karnilla and some bad people replaced Thor with I think ulik the troll and nobody remembered Thor except loki, who kept trying to make people remember him and finally did with silver surfer. So because Thor got some "remembering juice" he was able to get strong again and fight a thing that eats dead gods. Heimdall was also thinking something was amiss because he couldn't see ulik thor, but he got his ass whupped when he confronted him. Then Thor showed back up and killed ulik for daring to blaspheme his name and for trying to lay hands on the all mother. And volstagg sat on a troll. That was a few weeks ago haven't bee able to pick up anything yet. It was a solid story arc. Good support roles for loki and surfer in that one.

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Not to move away from the "Let's have Thor fight all these Celestial-level beings" talk, but one of the things I love about Thor is that he goes through the cycles of Ragnarok, which allows for many comics to be made from many different cycle periods. For instance, and Ages of Thunder story arc. I would love to see a animated series where he goes through 1 or 2 parters showing the different cycles and what he does to fight frost giants and Loki or Surtur in those times. I just would really like for them to keep him away from Earth as much as possible because when he comes to Earth all of a sudden he is some regular Joe Schmoe who gets emberassed by Red Hulk, but if he is in Asgard he is flying through frost giants heads and going on hunting trips in which he returns with several frost giants skulls as his trophies. I want to see him portrayed in that manner. Maybe occasionally show some interactions with vikings or whatever, but for the most part show him leading Asgard's armies in battles and going on quests with the Warriors Three or Sif and Balder or something of that nature.

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@Aronmorales said:
Siege: Embedded #4
I've assumed that it was Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. "

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oh wait never mind that already happened.



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me personally i would like to see mine happen in the mainstream marvel u. featuring the avengers. and then i would give complete creative control over to one guy and tell him to just run with it for a decade. he can do whatever he wants to the heroes or villians, kill off whoever he wants, bring them back when he wants, make it like some of them have been aliens for decades and create new characters whenever he wants(or use recently created ones that were never meant to be used in that manner). it would be absolutely great!!!! 
i would call it: 
MARVEL: 2000-2010 
and i would have bendis write it.

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do you mean that if they are more powerful they can overcome the enchantment? good question. in the Gods on Earth story arc where thor moved asgard to earth and became a king over all earth, he had lost the ability to wield mjolnir. he killed jake olsen and after that couldnt pick it up again. later in his life, his son Magni found it and was able to wield it, and challenged his father to show he was still worthy. thor, with the full power of the odinforce, so equal in power to odin, was able to levitate the hammer over to him, but before he was able to put his hands on it they were interrupted. later, thor sort of repented, and was once again worthy, but the writer left it open as to whether when he was levitating it to him he would have been able to lift it without the power of the OF. i personally think that at that particular moment he was still unworthy, but he could command it with his power. so if he was equal in power to odin, i believe that characters greater in power to odin would be able to wield mjolnir. maybe not wield, but if galactus put mjolnir in his hand i dont think it would come crashing to the ground.

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@Valtot said:
"superman sun soaks for the for the last 2 hours of the prep and gets ready for the first hour, he gets a suit build together by everyone there thats a mix of kryptonian and apokaliption tech with iron man, superman and watether other geniuses there to help build it and it feeds superman massive amounts of solar energy putting him in the sun amped levels which automaticaly puts him with primes level of power, than give him the wonderwomans gauntlets, thors mjolnir and both of the green lanterns rings, than amp superman with all the magic users magic for extra boost. Than he easily kills superbat prime than everyone else in the pic than takes over the universe because hes crazy from the solar energy. " 
nice. slight twist. MM and a few other magic/telepathy people perform a mindswap with cap and superman, putting caps un-corruptableness into supes body. give that suit, both rings, quasars bands, mjolnir and thunderstrike, and the magic boost, then after he defeats batprime he would relenquish the power back to the original owners. best part is he would not kill bats so we can have him back in time for Batman: Arkham City's release in february, wait no its july, wait no now i guess september.
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"Adam Warlock (with IG)  "
he would just will them out of existence. he kinda falls in the "all-powerful beings" that were banned in the op. but the rest of your team could probably still carry this fight.
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ya mags crushes. nothing to stop him from wrapping him up in a giant metal ball and flinging him into outer space

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current thor 
kingdom come superman 
ion-powered kyle rayner 
martian manhunter