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Midi-chlorians are the bacterial middle-men within the Force sensitive that connect them to Force, a metaphysical energy field in the Star Wars universe. They're similar concepts. George Lucas was, without a doubt, influenced by Japanese cinema (particularly Akira Kurosawa's samurai films), so it's not surprising Japanese Shinto and the Force are similar.

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@Dark Cloud™ said:

@Braise said:

Since Supergirl is essentially a female Superman, I'll use Superman as a model in this vs.

@SpideyPresence said:

I think we need to refer to this. Super girl isn't that far off.

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No, let's not refer to a video that is borne of tremendous inconsistencies for both characters.

Kara is a female Kryptonian, but she is essentially not Superman simply because she does not have the same level of strength, speed, durability, etc.

So, let's leave Superman out of this fight.

The rest of your post has some nice logical points. However, Ki is looked at as a different source of energy altogether rather than Soul and Magic.

Fair enough on the Supergirl point.

Ki, soul and magic are tied in the DBZ universe. I feel people resist the idea of ki being magic because it isn't presented in the same manner as magic in DC and Marvel, even tho it clearly is mystical. Ki users don't call themselves magicians, the same way Jedis don't. Most threads here on comicvine acknowledge that Superman/Kryptonians would be susceptible to force attacks by Jedi/Sith (tho Supes usually stomps them). Why is the force "magic", and not ki? They're both metaphysical forces.

ps. I only referred to the video once, when mentioning metaphysicality. The video is right on that one point, as Toriyama's use of ki is synonymous to the definition used by the Japanese/Chinese.

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Since Supergirl is essentially a female Superman, I'll use Superman as a model in this vs.

@SpideyPresence said:

I think we need to refer to this. Super girl isn't that far off.

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First off, I agree Superman that would beat Goku. Supes would best him 8 times out of 10. BUT, I THINK GOKU CAN BEAT SUPERMAN, in the same way that Harry Potter could theoretically kill Superman with Avada Kedavra.

Hear me out. Ki might be magic.

I say might be, because it's never explicitly stated, (nor would it be, in the same way that DC wouldn't consider souls, spirits or demons or God as magic; magic is an offensive word, and ki, like any of the other terms, are socio-religious concepts, but I digress). It's possible that the energy blasts aren't magical in nature, but just derive from a magical source, like a magic gun that shoots normal bullets. In which case, everything I'm about to write would be wrong. If the ki blasts are actually blasts of magical energy, then that would make them eldritch blasts.

What is magic? "An extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source." (Webster). According to wiki, "Magic is the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation, ceremony, ritual, the casting of spells or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature." According to the DCwikia, it's "a term used to describe the mystical ability of some characters to use their ethereal abilities to cast spells, conjure magics and create a large number of other abilities from it. It differs from Occultism because these characters have an inherit use of their abilities which, in most cases, extend from themselves." Ki as defined by Toriyama, fits all three.

1) Ki isn't conventional energy. DBZ makes a distinction between ki and the energy as we know it (E=mc2). Ki derives for "Chi" or Qi in chinese culture, which can be translated as "energy", but a more literal translation would be "breath" or "air", and it corresponds with one's vitality or life force (e.g. scientists in China often try to prove Qi's existence, so the Chinese really do differentiate between qi and physic's energy). Ki permeates in the DBZ verse, and can only exist in living things. When Goku forms the spirit bomb, he doesn't suck up the ki from rocks or inanimate matter. It's only from living matter, because only living matter produces it. Furthermore, ki can take on positive and negative (good vs bad) characteristics. There's no good or bad energy, just energy. So Ki isn't energy. Gohan, when explaining ki to Videl, asks her what's our word for what he refers to as "energy" is, and Videl shouts out "tricks!".

2) According to the clip above, Ki is metaphysical. They make a distinction between ki and magic, but really, Toriyami never formally makes one, neither in the anime or manga. People with a sufficient mastery of ki can go on to do magical things (Piccolo, Demons, Kai, even Goku, like when he revived a dead bird with his ki), and do so using their ki. The distinction between what Babidi does and what the Z fighters do is not a difference between magic and ki, but a difference in method. The DC universe has an analogue. Homo Magi harness magic energies, a metaphysical energy present in the universe (just like ki). John Constantine, as an occultist, can harness magic energy through magical devices. Babidi used his crystal to control his subordinates, but Majin Buu and Piccolo use their ki to magically materialize matter out of thin air on a regular basis. The magic, in the case of characters like Doctor Fate or Goku, is used to physically augment their physical attributes, and come from within themselves, making both of them magicians, and not occultists.

3) Ki should fall under the magic category due to it's association with the supernatural, both in the DBZ-verse and in real life. Superman's fought angels, mummies and a wealth of supernatural creatures who have proven a match due to their supernatural or magical affliation. Since Ki isn't tangible or validated by physical science, it must be considered supernatural.

4) Magic items hurt Superman. Goku is in possession of the power pole, a literally indestructible pole that can extend to great lengths. Since Superman doesn't know this item is magical (the word is explicitly stated), and since even the most mundane of magical items can harm Superman as easily as any other regular joe, it's safe to say that Goku might do some serious damage with it. He could impale the kryptonian.

5) Remember when Captain Marvel a) used b) magic lightning c) to immobilize d) Superman? Magic bypasses Superman's normal invincibility. So superman was hit by lightning and was incapacitated like it would incapacitate any normal human being. Super Saiyans at level two can take on and dish out ki blasts that can wipe out an entire solar system. Normally, Superman would survive that (maybe even shrug it off), but he wouldn't face that blast as the man of steel, but rather, as a mortal, mortal man.

So yes, Supergirl is probably faster, stronger, and more durable and would win more often than not.

But Goku can theoretically win.

Tell me what you guys think.

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Dobby can pull a win, I say.

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Brock probably wins because his show is meant to be ridiculous and over the top. Still,   Asimov Solensan? That guy in the video is an affirmed bullet timer, dodging a bullet at point blank range and clearly demonstrating superhuman physical attributes. 

And Spike managed to deal with him quite effortlessly in that previous clip. Worth mentioning is that Asimov was clearly still high on that red eye stuff, because when shown his POV, everything was red.  
Respect Spike.
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looks like Paul the octopus was RIGHT AGAIN! Hup off Holland, this is Spain's cup! 
Holland got a taste of what Brazil went through, playing one man down. Still, Spain deserved the win; Holland got desperate and pulled some very shady tackles. In the end, Spain made chances, took advantage, and got the lead. Sadly, looks like third time ain't the charm for holland, the Dutch are gonna have to wait for a fourth try..    

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WHOOAA! Spain won! I said Germany was gonna take it too.. geez, i have the worst luck ever.
I was going for Paraguay, Spain won. I said Brazil would win, Holland took it. Said Japan was gonna beat Paraguay, Japan lost, and I swore that Ghana was gonna win, but alas. I said Fedor was gonna whup Werdum, he got subbed; said Brock was gonna lose, and he won!  I knew almost certainly that Germany was gonna take it (tho I was cheering Spain), but they didn't! 
These past weeks, its like I'm the anti-Paul the octopus, lol 
It's like the opposite of what I say, happens..  

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Germany's taking it. 

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@Bio Guyver said:

" @Yaujtapool said:

"Poor Brazil "
What an upset. "
Netherlands is ranked 4th in the world, so it's the not that much of an upset. I didn't think the boys in yellow would take it this year, so I'm going for either Spain or Netherlands.  
Germany are gonna take it though.
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@TigerWarrior said:
" @Braise said:

" @TigerWarrior: I really don't think the largest lion weighed that much. And I'll continue thinking so, unless you provide proof otherwise.
And you actually never specified whether or not the specimens in question were found in the wild or not; you just gave me a general statement (lions weigh more than gorillas).
And I'm not forgetting anything, I actually stated in my first post in this thread that the lion is a predator, while the gorilla isn't, and thus has an advantage.
Also, lions rarely face buffalo one on one. In fact, cape buffalo are known to gore lions, if ever faced 1-to-1. "

Actually, on average a male lion is both heavier and stronger then a gorilla - according to Big cat experts Peter Jackson:  a captive lion weighed 423 kilograms (930 pounds).     here is the proof:    860 lbs vegitarion VS. 930 lbs predator - hmm, who will win?   70 lbs might not seem like a lot, but that is still 70 lbs of solid muscle  What else do you have?  "
How do you know? The link you gave states that a captive lion weighed that much. That extra 70 lbs of weight could be added fat. There are people that weigh 1,000 lbs, but just because they weigh more than your average lion doesn't really mean they can kill 'em with their bare hands. So it really doesn't prove anything.
And as I mentioned before, a measly 200 pound gorilla would routinely tear open the steel bars of his cage to escape, back in the 50s. Gorillas are built differently, muscle-wise. You get a big gorilla, and it wouldn't surprise me if he could rip off a lion's jaw.
Anyhow, I made my points before, no need to repeat them. The lion should win more often then not.