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"The hands of he who skins werewolves and rapes demons"

The Brahma Bull

Real Name: Unknown

Aliases: Brahma Bull, Brahma, Guerrilla Goliath, Goliath of Gore, Baron of Brutality, Alpha Anarchist, Bull, Gothic City Nightmare, Gangster of Guerrilla Warfare, Harbinger of Death, Militant Monster, Fourth Horseman, Death, Guerrilla Guevara, Strigidae Zero

Alignment: Evil

Height: 8'0"

Age: Unknown

Weight: 1,656 lbs

Hair Color: Unknown

Eye Color: Rubicund (Incandescent)

Affiliation: Aphasic, Fraga, Strigidae 100, Autocrat, Asteria, Ivana, The Strigidae

Species: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Gender: Male

Family: Unknown

Occupation: Terrorist, Os Bois Leader, Fourth Horseman (Death), Leader of the Temple of صفر

Identity: Strigidae Zero

Orientation: Asexual

The Gangster of Guerrilla Warfare

MSTN Gene Mutation & Secondary Mutations:

Genetically gifted with herculean physical attributes, Brahma's medically rare mutation in both copies of his MSTN cellular gene, the heterozygotes and homozygotes, a substantial reduction in the biological production of the myostatin protein of his body incited the considerable development of his muscular tissue and subsequently, awarding the self-christened Brahma Bull with monstrous physical power. The resultant muscular growth and progressive development have rendered him a visual behemoth of muscular imposition, boasting a bulging bulk of muscular mass. For necessary bodily distribution, Brahma's physical stature experienced exponential elevation in height for the required accommodation of his genetically acquired muscular mass, enabling the relative maintenance of proportional body size.

Standing narrowly over seven feet in height and weighing well over four hundred pounds, the Guerilla Goliath's intimidating physical frame serves an incipiently superficial purpose while very clearly serving as the visual testament to the Goliath's freakishly monstrous strength. Having yet to studiously assess the limits of his strength, Brahma has accomplished physically demanding feats such as effortlessly hurling grounded vehicles such as cars into the air, toppling elevated infrastructures such as entire skyscrapers into the ground, tearing trees from their very foundations, bending steel bars, graphically ripping an adult human body in two, causing seismic vibrations across entire islands, and physically stalemating the behemoth Titan. With no discovered limit to his monstrous strength reserves, Brahma's possibilities remain unimpaired with he himself claiming to have no physical equivalent, asserting that his strength is without peer. Appropriate physical resistance originating from a combination of muscular toughness and an abnormal quantity of calcium and other strengthening minerals in his skeletal system, the Brahma Bull is frighteningly durable, capable of enduring a boundless quantity of damage which he often refers to as nothing but superficial damage.

Capable of enduring high caliber gunshots whilst sustaining no damage, the Brahma Bull has further tested his durability by facilely enduring the height of Spark's generated fire's scorching hot. This monstrous physical resistance enables the Goliath to resist considerably discomforting environmental conditions such as severely low or extremely high temperatures, harmful degrees of ambient air pressure, immense blunt force trauma, and even highly potent explosions. While eerily durable and intimidatingly strong, the powerful Anarchic Alpha's considerable muscular bulk renders him incapable of moving at substantial superhuman speed. Ingrained however, with the ability to channel relative degrees of inhuman rapidity enabling the narrow evasion of speeding projectiles, the Militant Mammoth is deceptively fast for his size, and faster than even the most globally revered Olympic athlete, capable of relying on elusively speedy reflexes which are understandably superior to his running speed. Secondarily, the Brahma Bull harbors a rare, undocumented mutation.

Within his genetic structure, a medically undiscovered mutation causing a dramatically elevated capacity for the harboring of oxygen in his circulatory system has gifted the domestic terrorist with indefinite stamina and physical endurance. Recent fortifications of his subatomic structure via Source Particles usurped from Stark and subsequently altered through the use of exotic chemical agents have rendered him even more durable, elevating his physical resistance to undefined limits.

The Fourth Horseman (Death):

Following his murder-suicide during the Gothic Burns event, the Brahma Bull had fulfilled the required, enigmatic conditions for him to attain his sought out role as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, with the Gothic City Nightmare symbolizing Death. Since his acquisition of such biblical status, the Brahma Bull's newly acquired powers are as follows:

  • Increased Physical Attributes: Though by default, he boasts monstrous superhuman strength, durability and stamina, as one of the Four Horsemen, the majority of all of his physical attributes are increased even further beyond their previous limits. Whereas he was known for possessing the power to topple entire skyscrapers and blast buildings apart with thunderclap-generated shock-waves, the Brahma Bull's newly augmented physical power and toughness, though yet to be assessed, are said to have rendered him twice as strong and durable prior to becoming a horseman, as well as larger (8 feet).
  • Necromancy & Reincarnation: As the Horseman of Death, the Brahma Bull is awarded a certain control over the forces of life and death. Namely, he is capable of raising the dead so long as he is within the encompassing area in which said deceased had died or were buried in the earthy soil. All dead raised by the Horseman of Death are partially controlled by him, though they may act on their own free-will should the Brahma Bull not be exercising this partial, ensorcelling control over them. Additionally, he is fully capable of returning the undead to their previous inanimate state. Capitalizing on his original power of reincarnation, the Gothic City Nightmare possesses the ability to reincarnate himself, along with his body, in the event that he is killed or somehow dies, thus granting him a sort of physical immortality that can only be broken upon uncovering the origin of this power. Since becoming a horseman, this power has been further enhanced to the point that even incomplete destruction of the soul cannot prevent his eventual return.
  • Facão da Morte: Classic depictions of Death showcase a skeletal figure wielding a scythe. Boldly rejecting this cultural norm, the Gangster of Guerrilla Warfare instead, wields his Facão da Morte, which translates to 'Machete of Death'. Known for wielding a bloodstained machete with a large black blade, the Brahma Bull's favored bladed weapon has since been supernaturally aggrandized by his new status. No longer does he have to carry the weapon with him, instead, he may conjure it from thin air whenever he so pleases. Additionally, it has been structurally fortified and it's edges rendered much sharper, enabling it to not only endure virtually any degree of damage, but to cut and cleave through nearly any physical barrier. When backed by the Brahma Bull's otherworldly physical strength, none can stand before the wrath of the machete. It can however, be destroyed. During the event of it's physical destruction, the Brahma Bull can simply ensorcel an identical copy of the machete. Additionally, all save for the horseman himself, who attempt to wield his machete will suffer disorder and impairment of the soul. With the machete, the Brahma Bull is also awarded the ability to open tears to the land of the dead.
  • Pale Horse: Followed by Hades, driven into battle by the Grim Reaper, the Pale Horse is large, it's flesh rotting not unlike the flesh of a decaying corpse, it's color pallid, mirroring the sickly pallor of corpses, it's features almost skeletal, bones as white as it's skin, visible. Gifted with a ghostly mane, and eyes of rubicund incandescence, not unlike the Brahma Bull's, the Pale Horse is an undying creature. Summoned by the Gothic City Nightmare when needed, the Pale Horse acts as his main mode of transportation, capable of taking him to the land of the dead. Supernaturally fast, the horse is additionally incapable of death. Should it be "killed", it will rise again from the ashes.
  • Visions: An ability primarily oriented towards causing significant psychological trauma, is the Brahma Bull's recent acquisition of the manipulation of fear. With his soulless, vermilion eyes, the Gothic City Nightmare, with maintained eye contact for ten seconds, can trap his victim within an illusionary realm almost entirely under his control. Gifted with the ability to alter his entrapped victim's perception of time, the Brahma Bull renders what lasts a few seconds, seem like several days as a means to increase the severity of the victim's torture. Often, this illusionary realm, appears to be an endless plane boasting a red hue with raging fire encompassing all that exists. The trapped victim however, is depicted in an inverted grey scale. Often, the Brahma Bull makes use of the victim's fear to force them to experience them again and again and again. He may also showcase the various hypothetical manners in which the victim will die, or how close relatives and friends may perish, as well as psychologically break the victim apart by showing them visions of Hell. Additionally, he is rendered resistant to the effects of telepathy.
  • Hellfire: Capable of summoning the fires of hell to do his bidding, the Brahma Bull often chooses not simply to burn his opponents with the soulless black or red flames of Hell, but uses their explosive incandescence to distract opponents, exposing them to a vicious mauling.

Martial Goliath:

An eerily potent combatant of leviathan physical stature, Brahma harbors a plethora of versatile combat techniques and mastered fighting systems flawlessly complimenting his herculean physique. A cerebral master of a variety of fighting styles ranging from Savate, Boxing, Catch Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, Krav Maga, Clinch Wrestling, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and an amalgamative mixture of the majority of the globe's martial arts, the Brahma Bull, through necessary martial conditioning and necessary training, has elevated his combat prowess to premier status, ranking among the globe's deadliest martial masters. However, habitually opting for the less technically prominent fighting systems and ceaselessly selecting more physically demanding styles, the Brahma Bull has cultivated a perfectly complimentary fighting system specifically catered to his desired preferences.

Forsaking the intricate technical teachings of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, deeming the martial art's predominant focus on wrist control and the disabling of leverage for reduced physical strength in the opponent as 'the resort of weaklings'. Possessing a deeply ingrained philosophy regarding an irreversible belief in 'Survival of the Fittest', the psychopathic terrorist's prominently showcased fighting style primarily functions to physically overwhelm the opponent and violently display his unmitigated dominance. With an uncanny Fight IQ, the Guerrilla Goliath, aware of his considerable height and size, has almost entirely eliminated takedowns from his arsenal, taking into consideration the highly noticeable shift in leverage that would result in unmistakable telegraphing, a risk he is unwilling to undertake against technically sound combatants. Instead, should he select a grappling approach, the Brahma Bull focuses instead on a more practical tactic for his size, clinch wrestling, able to effortlessly achieve a dominant position due to his size and strength.

Focusing less on grappling due to his size and a high center of gravity, the Goliath's martial talent is most prominently showcased via standing strikes. Capable of making use of his abnormal reach advantage and the length of his limbs for the maintenance of distance between he and his opponents with jabs designed either to frustrate, prod, or set up a forthcoming strike, Brahma, despite his hulking physique, is an intelligent fighter, making use of his physical gifts with appropriate rationale. In addition to at times thrusting oblique kicks towards the knee of an opponent's lead foot in order to further keep an opponent from getting within range, Brahma, aware of the length of his limbs, often makes use of elbow strikes be they spinning, backward spinning, straight elbows etc. which he feels are far deadlier than conventional strikes. Usually relying on elbow strikes to graphically lacerate his opponents while pulverizing body shots and thrust kicks tear away at his opponent's body, Brahma expertly sets his opponents up for the true bulk of his violent assault.

A habitual practice, upon wearing his opponent down through the antagonistic decimation of their body, bruising and injuring them via relentless body blows, elbows etc. the Brahma Bull transitions into a more brutal approach characterized by doggedly pursuing the opponent. Abandoning all technical precautions, he freely grapples and strikes, often unleashing a barrage of pugilistic terror (elbows, punches, clotheslines), violently bloodying the opponent prior to mercilessly combining his grappling talent and phenomenal strength to ruthlessly execute body slams, suplexes, and even snap or break bones. This personalized fighting style is specifically designed to render him an incredibly difficult opponent to engage in close combat as his abnormal reach and combat expertise render him a lethal foe to strike with while his implementation of point blank range grenades is especially potent against nimbler fighters seeking to make use of their acrobatic prowess to outmaneuver him during striking.

Strategic Prowess:

Possessing a highly genetically augmented brain of escalated cerebral capacities, the Brahma Bull's acquisition of knowledge has only furthered his naturally elevated intellect. A cunning genius, particularly knowledgeable in biochemistry, history, human biology, genetics, and geography, Brahma has implemented this knowledge, in particular, his knowledge of the human body into his combat mastery, once citing that the human body is "An intricate biological amalgamation", and that "The skeletal system is a brittle structure begging to be broken". This knowledge is often implemented in the development of chemical weaponry, primarily required for the disorientation of the human sensory faculties. The Brahma Bull's intellect however, is greater emphasized in his knowledge of sociopolitical phenomena and guerrilla warfare.

A believer in the element of surprise elaborated upon in Sun Tzu's the Art of War, the Goliath's stubborn dismissal of social hierarchies and the embracing of anarchistic principles fuels his implementation of guerrilla warfare. Stressing the importance of mobility, ambushes, and sabotage, as well as immediate withdrawal, the Brahma Bull functions with a small, select army of rallied Brazilian refugees. Preparation and the opportunistic use of terrain in combination with the raiding or destruction of opposition resources perfectly compliments Brahma's militant strategies. Prioritizing the use of disguises to blend in, in order to visually disarm the opposition, rendering them incapable of differentiating friend from foe is secondarily stressed for effective spying. The disorientation of the opposition coupled with disorganizing any articulate formations etc. is achieved through weapons of sensory disruption. Upon potential success, the subsequent ambushing of disoriented forces is fundamental.

Diverting from his militant talents, the Goliath is a vocally gifted public speaker. His menacing, deep voice commands attention while projecting a strong atmospheric presence. Coupled with his unorthodox lexical charisma and lingual eloquence, Brahma is an enthralling public speaker of convincing caliber. Consequently combined with his ethical and sociopolitical knowledge, he is capable of verbally coercing his foes into submission. An admitted anarchist with the desire to supposedly 'free' the world from its hierarchical plague while satisfying his own thirst for power, the Brahma Bull's belief of the fabricated properties of modern morality further enable his violent, immoral actions.

Items & Equipment

Aside from his iconic facial-gas mask boasting an expression of menace, the following are used by his paramilitary terrorist faction (Os Bois).


  • Smoke Grenades (M18)
  • Flash Grenades (M84 Stun)
  • Fragmentation Grenades (M67)
  • Concussion Grenades (MK3A2)
  • Anti-Tank Grenades (RKG-3)
  • Tear Gas Grenades (CS and CN)
  • Thermite Grenades (Model 308-1 Napalm)
  • Molotov Cocktail (Improvised Incendiary Grenade)


  • Handguns (9mm Glock 18)
  • Shotguns (Beneli M4 Super 90, Mossberg 500)
  • Rifles (Dragunov, M16A1, Tavor 21, FN F200, AK47)
  • SMGs (PP-19 Bizon 9mm, Uzi-Pro)

Explosive Projectiles

  • Grenade Launchers (M203 Grenade Launcher, XM25 CDTE)
  • RPGs (RPG-30)

Modern Personal Armor

  • Ballistic Vests (Type lll, Rifle Protection)
  • Light Kevlar Personal Armor


  • APCs (GTK Boxer, OT-90)
  • SUVs - Armored (Lexus LX 470 & 570)
  • Trucks - Armored (Ford F-150 SVT Raptor)

Chemical Warfare Agents

  • Vomiting Agents (Adamsite, Diphenylchloroarsine)
  • Malodorants (Dippel's Oil)
  • Psychological Agents (3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate, Experimental SN)
  • Blister Agents (Sulfur Mustard, Nitrogen Mustard, Utricants-Phosgene Oxime etc.)
  • Blood Agents (Hydrogen Cyanide, Cyanogen Chloride)
  • Choking Agents (Chloropicrin, Diphosgene)
  • Nerve Agents (Tabun, Sarin, Soman) - Claims to possess Experimental Novichok and VX

Os Bois

The Bulls

A meticulously gathered collective of South American (primarily Brazilian) refugees and lowlifes desperate to escape the plaguing misery of their meager lives, Os Bois (Portuguese for "The Bulls") constituents underwent rigorous physical conditioning under the fear-inducing guidance of the Brahma Bull. Forcefully trained, upon initiation, all members have been psychologically broken, stripped of conscious individuality and ingrained with the mentality of a collective organism.

Relatively superior to the ordinary man in terms of combat-oriented physical attributes, the paramilitary terrorists' lethality has been further developed through the methodical refinement of their combat prowess, strategic insight, rendering them highly potent marksmen and relatively efficient soldiers. Individually, each member poses a questionable degree of threat, however, together, when functioning as one relentless unit of vehement guerrilla warfare, prioritizing their mobility as a smaller unit against larger opposition while effectively exploiting the element of surprise etc. Os Bois rank among the Brahma Bull's most prized asset. Obediently loyal and fearful of their mammoth coordinator, rarely does a Bois member contemplate potential betrayal, represented benefits seeming slim in comparison to the inescapable consequences.