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I've been selling comics on Ebay in lots of about 150 each. Sometimes they go kinda okay but mostly they are terrible.

Any thoughts on how many comics are optimal to sell at once? It's convenient for me to sell a box at a time (roughly, 150, in a short box), but maybe I am shooting myself in the foot, moneywise. Should you just do whatever you have in ONE title at a time? It just seems like a lot more work.

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I have to say that I watched it in a place where there were constant distractions so I only about 2/3s saw it, but I felt really good about it. It was a little too much "trust Authority - the Authorities are good" but maybe that's mostly "Trust Agent Coulson."

I'm surprised you didn't like the Fitzsimmons. I really liked them. Their quick repartee was super fun.

I was a bit bummed to see that the first hero was someone with implanted Extremis technology. I hope it isn't all implanted technology. Let's get some mutants and magic and weird power acquisition. There's something about Extremis that I just don't like, too. I don't know what it is, but it rubs me the wrong way.

Still, it looked great. I really want to watch it again, honestly.

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I had a feeling.

I wrote about the KICK ASS 2 movie news for another site, and in prep I watched the whole KICK ASS 2 panel at SDCC. It definitely seemed like everyone on that panel was TRYING to sound excited, rather than actually being excited.

I can't believe I missed the opening. If I can get stuff done, I will probably still go today. What the heck?

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This looks terrible.

I'm confused. Do physics not work in this universe? How is Wolvie able to jump in the air and then fly backwards relative to the train? He's already moving at the same speed as the train.

And what's the force threatening to pull them off? Air flow? I get that it must be a bullet train, but I don't think it would be this severe.

Yes, I will go see it on opening day but this does not make it look better. It looks way worse.

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She has the dumbest costume in the whole history of costume design.

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Pretty sure I saw

The Hand

Lady Deathstrike

Silver Samurai

Maybe Hawkeye?

Maybe Kittypryde?

Maybe slutty era Psylocke?

Exciting, but... the last one suffered death by too many characters, too. It needs to be a good movie. Wolverine is so awesome, they don't need to bury him under guest starts. So dumb.

I hope this one is better than that trainwreck.

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I liked it, Sara. Then again, I've worn eyeliner a few times. So.

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Only one question matters here. You can phrase it a number of ways:



Kathryn Pryde?


Okay, fine...


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It's not a photo, but I have been documenting the slow sale of my fairly gigantic (Somewhere between 7 and 10K comics) on Ebay. A lot of the early videos are just showing what I have. Here's the playlist to the vlog, which is ongoing.

Here's the first one.