Daredevil, the Question, Green Arrow and other awesome comics for sale.

I have made a couple more videos about comics that I am selling. You can find all the comics I have for sale on ebay, here.

Here's my video where I talk about all my DAREDEVIL comics.

And here's the one where I talk about a lot of DC Comics that I have, including the best eras of The Question, Green Arrow, Suicide Squad, Checkmate and other fisticuff heavy comics.

I also have a bunch of Marvel's Conan comics for sale right now. All ending on Sunday.

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Warren Ellis and Kevin Smith

Grant Morrison's two-part interview by Kevin Smith on Fatman on Batman is amazing.

This is great whether or not you are a comic book fan. If you are, though, it's even better.

Reasons you should listen:

1) Find out what happened after Morrison climbed the steps of the Temple.

2) What single event inspired all his work on The Invisibles and comics for years to follow.

3) What was the idea behind his 6 year run on Batman?

4) Hear Ellis reinterpret super famous comics that you've read a dozen times and make you feel like you never read them at all.

It's that good.

Part 1.

Part 2.

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Selling some Vertigo comics and some Silver Surfer/Adam Warlock

If you haven't read Vertigo Comics but you're ready for comics that do a little something different for you than superhero fare, then you need to check out early Veritgo. This lot has lots of complete runs of various Vertigo Mini-series (Like Scarab, Faultines, Flex Mentallo, Proposition Player, Vamps and others - Vertigo really favored mini-series as a way to try out new ideas). It also has a ton of Animal Man, some Tim Hunter comics (Harry Potter before Harry Potter) and lots of other great stuff. 155 comics all told.

Find my auction of these books on Ebay here.

But you're like, NO! I love superheroes. I'm not ready for anything else. I want to understand the cosmos!

Fine, I am also selling my cosmic Marvel books. This lot gets you tons of Silver Surfer (coolest character of all, if you ask me), the complete run, first printing, VF-NM copies of The Infinity Gauntlet and also lots of 70s era Warlock books - with art by greats like Gil Kane and Jim Starlin.

Here's a video about that lot:

And here's where you can find the auction for it on Ebay.

I hope some of y'all will check this stuff out! Let me know what you think of my videos, too (I have many of these).

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I have been vlogging the selling off my comic book collection

There is not a lot of great advice on the Internet (at least that I have been able to find) on selling your comic book collection. If that's what you want to do. The one big tip I found was: "if you want to sell everything, then find a buyer for the whole thing." Okay, great. How do I do that? Who will buy the whole thing?

The one good tip I found, though, was sell the comics on your own terms. In other words, don't let some pro come in and go through your collection and pick whatever he wants. He'll cherry pick the best books and then you'll have all the low-value stuff that you can never get rid of.

So I decided to document my experience and show folks what I've learned. This is all about selling floppy comics. Not graphic novels (that's easy - just do it on Amazon - I've made a nice chunk of change that way). If this is something you're interested in doing, my videos might be helpful.

It started with this video:

I had decided to sell off my comics. I love them, but I have like 9000 (I know it says 7000 up there, but I was just guessing at that point and have kept the title. It's more like 9K. I like to move. I legitimately love change. My comics, though, are the worst thing about my moves.

So because I love my comics and didn't want to totally forget them, I decided I would vlog the process. I focused mostly on the logistics in the first videos, though I did take some looks back at some of my many, many old books. That way, I would kind of give a long goodbye to the stories that have meant so much to me and I would document them as they went - the better to remember them by.

I spent a lot of time making an inventory in ComicBase and then I put a full inventory of the comics that I had for sale up on my website. 7466 comics. All kinds of titles. All the way from the 60s to about 2007. Lots of comics. That didn't get me any offers, though. So I decided to start selling my comics via Ebay, in lots. And this part is going to be fun. Some ComicVine readers may dig my next step. I'm going to do videos about each lot I sell and do my best to make the commentary sort of fun. I haven't hit my stride yet. I hope to start making some crazy connections between the comics themselves and pop culture, politics, everything. I haven't been quite that ambitious yet, but here's the first video of a lot I did. That first lot (already sold) was a bunch of Nightwing and other Gotham Heroes titles. Nice combination, I thought. There will be more.

My Nightwing lot sold for $46. Probably about 100 comics in there, I think. Disproving one of the assertions you will see folks make all over the Interwebs: 90s comics aren't worthless. A lot of them may not command a lot of money, but they aren't worthless. As I sell more lots of comics from the 90s and prove this further, look forward to me providing a real screed on one of these topics in a future video.

My working theory going forward is to sell lots that I believe make a whole greater than the sum of their parts. Make sure there are a handful of "hot" books in every lot. They don't have to be worth tons, but a few worth around $10 apiece will help make the whole lot attractive. Then you'll get some value out of the other books, even you have dealers buying them mainly to get those hot books. We'll see how it goes. I shipped that first Nightwing, et. al. lot this morning and listed a couple more lots this weekend. Wish me luck!

You can find the whole playlist of my comics sales vlog here. If you're thinking about selling your comics, I hope this playlist might help you. The advice I have found about selling comics on the internet has been mostly lousy, so I hope I can document some of my lessons for others as I go.

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