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Never Bet Against Simone 0

Overviewthe Stephanie Brown version of Batgirl is the Batgirl i know. At least when it comes to comics anyway. I started reading comics only around two years ago and Batigrl was one of the first comics i read and enjoyed. i enjoyed the light nature and decent action and was a good counterpoint to Batman in terms of tone for me. When i heard Barbara Gordon was going to be batgirl again my first question like many others was "why?". Barbara Gordon is orcale to me and i liked her role in Birds of p...

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Mundane but not bad 0

Welcome to Sonic Threekend! be sure to check my blog tomorrow for information pertaining to the purchase of the comic and general sonic discussion. and a sonic X review! Ill keep this a basic review though. so enjoy!   OverviewAfter a lot of fun and adventure sonic decides to take a bit of break and also prepare for a date with his old flame sally acorn. But first a little bit of goofing off with tails. also the second part of a short knuckles story. The issue is for the most part a non impact s...

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Zatanna is still in good form 0

Last issue of Zatanna was a single issue story which i felt was a good change of pace after the longer storylines in the last few issues. but now were back into a new multi-issue storyline. not to mention paul dini is back in the drivers seat. the story is about Zatanna dealing with her fear of puppets and learning what in her past caused it  The Good:  First Of all i enjoy the cover but Stephane Roux. probably the best one in the last few issues. overall the art was good and showcased a little ...

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Deadpool Keeps Improving 0

now ill admit with all the hustle and bustle i haven't had time to read too many comics so i had to the comics i read very carefully. this is one of the few comics i have read this month and i gotta say im happy it was the one i chose. in this issue deadpool fights a bunch of kkk members in a gory battle.  The Good  when i first looked at the comic and saw that once again a lot of the issue was deadpool free i was very skeptical. this is something the first issue did and did not do it well. unli...

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Vast Improvement 0

The Overview Deadpool max continues as Deadpool is in a mental hospital and we get a better idea of his past as well as his sex life.  The Good I Found the first issue of Deadpool a bit of a bumpy ride. certain parts were great but other times it just seemed to drift off. also there wasnt enough Deadpool. this issue improved on all these problems. Deadpool is front and center this time and the main narrative was much more focused. Not to mention the classic Deadpool humor made its return. i foun...

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Decent Main Story. Boring Filler 0

 The Overview hello and welcome to part 4 of the Darkstalkers ongoing. This issues main story involves the Frankenstein like monster victor. now going into this comic knowing it was about victor who is one of my least favorite in the series i was a bit skeptical "another Frankenstein rehash. this is going to suck" i'm happy to say i was surprised. Also like in the other comics ther a mini secondary story as well as a humorous one page.      The GoodOverall i thought the main victor story was int...

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Kick Ass Action with Little Complaints 0

Birds of Prey was kinda an impulse buy when i got it last month and i was pretty happy with what i read. i mainly picked it up because of the writer, gail Simone was highly recommended by a few people i know. Though the last issue was a bit better story wise this issue is a wicked piece of action.  it almost plays like a col foreign action film  the Huntress fight in this issue was absolutely gripping and the things leading up to it got me quite excited to see it. the art helps bring it alive a...

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Detective Batgirl with a slice of ADD 0

Batgirl was one of the first comic i read when i really got into the medium this summer so it has a special place in my heart. Like Gotham City Sirens its a great relaxing read epically when you've come off a more complex comic. but a more complex Batigirl story was seen in this one. Not that i am complaining it was just a surprise. epically after a humorous history of batman comic at the beginning .   What the Comic essentially is about is  Group of cloaked figures who are after a boy at Steph...

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The End and the Begining 0

After an amazing run grant Morrison ends his run with quite a bang. For the most part all loose ends are tied for the current storyline and i really i couldn't be more excited  or happy with whats going on and what i going to happen.   Now im a bit late reading and review this but it was kinda of on purpose. due to scheduling problems the return of Bruce Wayne was late so theres parts of this story that didn't make sense mostly how Bruce Wayne was back without being back. So i wanted to make su...

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Cut and Fluffy Kitty 0

We are now halfway through the Darkstarkers comic series. well kinda. theres still two specials that i have as well. dont know when ill review though. maybe before the next 3 issues. more likely after. anywho...   Each Darkstalkers comic at this point focus' on on of the characters with a connection to another. and this one is no different. this issue is mainly about the "cute" character of Felicia. how being basically nude counts as cute i don't know. did you know originally Morrigan was the c...

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Mystery! Suspense! Silver Age! 0

O the silver age! the time where everything was campy in comics. and now this didnt start with the batman 60s show. in fact comics were already campy in tone way before that. this espically true in the 50s Where  little comic called superman girlfriend lois lane was born....along with a similarly styled jimmy Olsen comic.   much like basically every superman comic at the time the issue is split in to many different stories and there all super silly. on involves a gangster pretending to be superm...

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More Detective. More Action 0

Now due to some issues at my local comic book shop i wasn't able to get the current storyline of detective comics till know. today i finally picked up all  the issues at once. i was really intrigued as i was told that this showed a more classic version of the dark knight. and that the word "detective" was in the name for good reason. i'd proud to report this is all true.   i really enjoyed batman and commissioner gordons banter as it felt like batman was really part of the police work and was d...

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Big Bang to End it All....or begin it. 0

As many of stated before me its a great time to be a batman fan. what you may also know if that i just starting getting into comics this summer just when most of this all started. how lucky am i? basically what im getting at is this was a hell of an issue.   now i only glanced through this mini-series but made sure to pick up the last one of the mini series as this is essentially the beginning of the new "batman INC" storyline. basically this shows the end and how bruce wayne finally gets back ...

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Improvemts Galore 0

          Welcome to the second issue of the Darkstalkers series. the second issue spends most of the main story dealing withe Donovan. the night warrior. think Darkstalker hunter. the story with him was pretty interesting and the fight things were kinda cool though the felt a bit rushed. there was also a little bit of story about Morrigan but it really didn't progress anywhere so theres not much to really add. at the end there was a couple small storys one was a humorous one page with BB hood w...

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the Night Warriors Deliver...Mostly 0

now i picked up the entire darkstalkers comic series and some specials for about 30 bucks. it was an impulse buy if there ever was one and i knew nothing about the  comic book series and for all i know they could have been the worst thing in the world. i wasn't completely wrong.  first of all im  a big fan of the darkstalkers games. and capcom needs to make a new one. the characters are great the fightings great.  the story is cool. and that cool story translates fairly well in what turns into a...

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Unhorrible...but close 0

as ive stated in my blog (a day) i haven't been really feeling the current storyline for superman.  i find that it seems to be lacking in...well a point. and nothing has really changed in this issue. in fact it might be worse here as this is an "interlude" to the story arc.    Basically the storyline is about Lois lane meeting with a family and thinking about what a life without superman or at least a powerless one. its an actionless issue so don't expect any crazy drunk hick fighting like in th...

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Fun Breezy Read 0

Now anyone who reads my stuff knows i love me some zatanna. and overall her first regular comic series has been terrific. paul dini has done wonders to make it feel like something to go back to.  Though i think i enjoyed the brother night storyline arc a little bit better this story in the last few issues has been a fun read and the interactions between Zatanna and  her cousin have been great. the personality of zatanna has really grown in these issues. the art is on par with past issues. basica...

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Solid and Silly 0

I know i promised a batman and robin review but i kinda got distracted these couple days. i did however read the newest batgirl.  First off. the covers for Batgirl have been Fatastic (albit the last months cover was a bit weird).  Batgirl like gotham city sirens is a comic you shouldnt take too seriously. probably more so. but how can you when its Supergirl and Batgirl fighting 20+ draculas? what insues is a silly comic thats a quick fun read. which is all i really want in this series and was pe...

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interesting art with a fairly interesting story 0

now i got into batman comics kinda in the middle of the death of bruce wayne storyline so i was interested when this storyline was put out. would i finlly get a better idea on the things i missed? the answer is kinda.  i enjoyed this and the chapter before it. first of all i really like the art. shadding a colours were great. add grant morrision and it cant be bad right? right.  it was definitly an interesting couple issues which gave more backround on the current storyline and to get me even mo...

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a really weird group of pages 0

confession time. i am not a comic master, or expert or long time reader.ive always like the batman and superman mythos's i started really getting into reading comics over the summer .  saying that as well im sure saying that some willl totally throw away my opinion because of that. but i like to think im giving a non expert opinion on current titles. anyway im going way off topic. maybe ill write an introduction blog? but then again i dont know if anyone will read it.     superman is an annivers...

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