Welcome To Sonic "Threekend

So i got some new comics today. new action comics at the top of my most excited list. i also picked up the last secret six as it connects to the last issue. i dont know if ill continue reading that series after this but you never know. probably not as i get behind with the comics i have.
I did read the latest Zatanna as well. ill probably do a review. expect that next week. ill also try to do another Darkstalkers review. 
Speaking of review i just posed a Sonic review. thats right. i kept my word this time. and with that review begins what i call "Sonic Threekend". so during my three days off ofr Threekend i call it because i like fucking stupid play on words jokes like that. so youll get that review to read (and theres a lot to read. the review is majorly long) and then as stated before a big sonic related blog post and a review of the sonic adventure 2 arc of sonic x. that will be tomorrow. Also i did purchase an issue of sonic universe so that review should go up Monday. 
Anyway im done advertising for today. as always feel free to comment or request anything. 

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