Blog a Day 4: Zatanna! <3

Zatanna review for the new book is up. check the review section! 
i was going to put it in the review but i wanted to focus on the book itself but anyway. 
to repeat myself i love zatanna and i love that comic series. after seeing bits and pieces of her in batman book (and the great animated series) i picked it up on a whim and found myself going through the first 3 issues in one sitting. its an easily approachable series with a very likable character. whats surprised me is how i got into it at all. im  not a big fan of supernatural stuff. yes i love superheroes but the occult and magic i just never really found interesting. i still dont . but i think they way its presented in that book is great. having a strong female lead also helps. 
And Backwords Writing! who knew id get so good at that.... 
There really isnt much of a big point in this blog today. more a blurb about the review! 
though i do have a question. anyone read any of the other zatanna limited series (like the seven soldiers stuff) is it worth reading or not? lemme know! 
Anyway im gonna head to bed. football in the morning! 
Sniarb Darb! 
speaking of the new zatanna issue i hated waiting over a month for the ending of the current stroyline. it almost killed me. 

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