Blog a Day 17: A Promo or: A Green Lantern Rant

Hello once again. i come from you from the  the world of vacation. yes i don't work till Wednesday which means its time for a shit load of reviews. i am planning to review all the comics i read this weekend.  so expect a load of content from me. quality content.  
So this week is the big change in batman as batman inc starts up. now unfortunately for me i cant get my comics on Wednesday and will have to wait till next Thursday to see any of it. do you know how hard it is not to spoil this stuff while being an active member of a comic book website? not too hard actually. i just wanted to be dramatic. but i do have to be careful. maybe if this review-athon works well this week ill do a batman inc review extravaganza too. what do YOU think? 
speaking of comics i had a thought. is there any comic book centric tv shows out there? not like shows based on comics but shows talking about comics? i cant think of any. thats a good idea. 
also sad news...for me. amazon is a liar. i was told my trades for wonder woman and batman was supposed to be here today. it was not. disappointing. i should receive them monday though. 
   o yes. almost forgot. i watched the green lantern trailer. still don't know what to think completely. now its hard to judge from a trailer.what i can say is that they almost tried to make the trailer to humorous. but maybe thats hows the movie is going to be? but from what ive been told it seems the movie is mostly serious. what i can say is the general public will most likely hate this movie because it is not batman.  people want there comic book movies more realistic. i don't think aliens and going into space will work will for those people expecting a dark knight kinda of movie. also most people don't understand green lantern or know much about him. i know i don't. saying that i will still see the movie and try to enjoy myself. but i think those 2 sequels will never come to pass. 
Well thats basically all for today, expect the content to flow tommorrow 
Lata Y'all 
Brad Brains 
PS: my roommate has never seen either the godfather or the shawshank redemption. tell him hes crazy. seriously

Posted by difficlus

The trailer was terrible, the CGI was so horrible i can't believe they allowed this to happen...

Posted by BradBrains

i also found the costume looked glow in the dark or somthing which looked lame. but maybe its supposed to be like that? i dunno

Posted by King Saturn
the trailer looked pretty good to me... the mask looks a little cheesy but I plan on watching it still...
Posted by brc2000

The CG wasn't great, but it's not too distracting really. SInestro and Hammond could save this movie.

Posted by BradBrains
@brc2000 said:
" The CG wasn't great, but it's not too distracting really. SInestro and Hammond could save this movie. "
gotta agree about the cgi. i thought it was alright. 
what i think may help too is that green lanterns origins is a bit interesting with the whole green lantern corps.