Blog a Day 16: More Morrigan. some video game comments

Hello once again everyone! in twenty minutes it will be friday. isn't that great? i think so. espically because i have a four day weekend coming up. and i plan on catching up on some comics (hoping to try a review for every comic i read this weekend. crazy right?) and some video games. anyway random thoughts:
O ordered wonder woman the circle and batman chronicles on amazon. i should have that tomorrow so i'm real excited about that. i was recommended wonder woman by a friend and when i heard it was gail simone writing i was in. i'm epically excited cause new wonder woman has sucked so much. 
O yes i said video games didnt I? so i'm continuing playing Professor Layton. that game makes me feel stupid at times. or is the game hard? who else has played this? let me know. 
Also played more sonic colours. played a level i absolutely hated but finally got through it after like 15 tries. don't do that to me sonic colors. i like you.   
more wii this weekend too. want to finish some more phoenix wright. after playing professor Layton finally i am so fucking excited a bout that cross over. too bad it will take a year to come here huh? 
as for tv. new its always sunny on. is that show ever awful? the answer is no. i hope you didnt say yes. cause youd be wrong. and you dont want to be wrong. 
anyway im rambling. but in my defense i have since i started these blogs. but seriously sleep time.  
Lata Y'all  
Brad Brains 
PS: gonna try to avoid so many one paragraph sentences next time in these blogs. jesus.

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What does this have to do with Morrigan Ansland? 

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o definitely forgot to write i put another Darkstalkers review up. that was my vauge connection for the name lol