Blog a Day 14: Superman. Movie Reviewish Thing Part 1

first up review for supermans girlfriend lois lane #2 which is more of a reflection of the silver age then a review but give it a read anyway. i may do more silver age reflections sometime soon. 
Speaking of sometime soon. expect a new Darkstalkers review tomorrow if all things go well. also i plan on reading the new batman and robin. possibly a review there too. 
Also mail day! finally got my professor Layton for ds. stoked to play some of that once im done writing this. i picked up puzzle agent and knew i wanted to plays these games after that. 
i also dived into the 1978 superman movie which i have never seen in fulll capcity. so heres my thoughts: 
I saw about the first hour. first off. i love Marlon Brando. it was interesting to see him as jor-el and i think they did the origin story very well though i think it takes a while to get things started which admittedly nothing really has started yet.the casting is great. reeve makes a great superman and a perfect Clark Kent. also i think the score is done well too. i was talking to my roomate and we both agreed they dont do scores like that anymore. 
i might do a full review for the movie when its done but at least expect some thoughts when i finish it. i also want to watch superman III for its sillyness. 
  Anyway gotta play some professor layton. will it make me smarter? find out after the break! 
Later Y'all 
Brad Brains 
PS: no. it wont make me smarter

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