Blog a Day 13: batmanbatmanbatman

Hello and welcome to a new week! im feeling well rested and in decent spirits. mainly because i finally picked up some new comics. some highlights :
Batman and robin vol 2: finally will be able to read the last few issues i missed. this has been some of the best batman storylines ive read and it just shows how great grant Morrison addition i picked up #16 so im finally caught up. i also picked up the new batgirl. a good fun read that i always enjoy. 
I spent forever looking at superman trades and didnt find anything that immediately caught my eye which makes me sad. 
i also spent some time updating my subscriptions there. i took up wonder woman(i have the last 4 issues to read and havent so im gonna wait|) and added all the new batman comics including batwoman. 
ok question time! 
Now i may have asked something like it but do you think with 3 new batman comics theres too many on he market. i know i took off batman confidential because it wasn't great. can all exist and provide quality content and are the different enough for there to be a reason for it? Personally im not sure but i guess well have to wait and see. 
let me know. 
Until tomorrow my friends,  
Brad Brains 
PS: two new batman reviews up! check the review page and let me know what ya think

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