Blog a Day 11: pandering....

Let me just say that doing this every day is incredibly hard. epically when its Saturday night when im having a house party in a matter of minutes. and with that dedication you know its a good reason to follow me 
an update: i'm hoping to hire someone to actually help me build a site out of rather then just a redirector. i will never give up posting here but the website will turn to the main part of my thoughts and ramblings. but i'm hoping to get some kind of fan base first. so if you read these speak up. you keep me doing this. 
Also expect a new Darkstalkers review tomorrow. i'm going to try to read the whole 6 issue series this week. and speaking of this week im finally getting new comics Monday. so excited. thanks for the superman trade ideas. though i still don't know what i'm going to buy.  
Not really much else to report or say as there are like 8 other people in this room. 
random question of the day: who wants to see pictures of my rabbits? huh? HUH?
Later Y'all 
Brad Brains

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Posted by King Saturn
let's see the Rabbits  !
Posted by IcarusMach9
@BradBrains: RABBITS!! :D