An Indroduction To Misguided Mindset

If anyone has read my newly posted superman/batman review (spoilers:no one) i gave a little backstory on myself. it was all improptu and i relized i babbled on too much.
well to anyone reading this now (spoilers: no one) im sorry. im gonna babble a little bit more.
like i said before im not a comic book expert. ive always love the superhero mythos but ive never really taken the time to read them until fairly recently. i was always a gamer kid but i foubnd myself not having as much time to do so. and with games trickling anyway and my interested in comics getting higher (espically batman)) i decided to dive into a part of nerdom i know little about. thas was a little over two months ago.
i wasnt sure at first if i wanted to make this a real thing but then i thought about and i relzied that maybe my naiveness about comics would help me. give the newbie a voice.
so i introduce you to misguided mindset. a new blog review type deal that i will try to keep updated. i do have a website in the works and if this gets anywhere close to popular i will try  to expidite the process (speaking of which if you  have any website creation experience let me know. maybe ill throw you some bones to help me)
now i mainly follow the dc universe right now but there are some exceptions (ie the amazing spiderman) and maybe ill give  alist.
now before this becomes too long that no one reads it ill leave you with a question. what do you want to see. video review? short reviews? long in depth reviews? let me know
if you read throguh all this i thank you and hope to bring you some interesting reads in the future.
comments and questions are always appricated
yours Truly
Brad Brains
ps. i didnt really proof read this  so excuse the terrible spelling....just this once

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