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I learned about him thanks to his game on youtube...he was hilarious and then i made some research about him and eventually

downloaded his every comic from internet *cough* piratebay *cough* and after finishing joe kelly's run he was my favourite charachter

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First of all those yellow eyes and hamburger meat face of deadpool now (it is really good written but...ugh) i mean yeah he is ugky and all but why yellow eyes? o.O

So anyway i wanted to ask which deadpool face is best(not prettiest...duh) and realistic drawed?

Deadpool sins of the past

Deadpool Joe Kelly

Deadpool wolverine

Cable and deadpool

Daniel Way deadpool ...fuck you Way...sorry but...ugh :(

So...wath do you think?

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He would have BALLZ OF GOLD!!!

Imagine if Joe Kelly didnt leave deadpool (sigh)

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I really like the writing n stuff but i know its not a big deal but i think dp should be a lil more bulkier and...sigh his damn yellow eyes annoy me so much!I mean he has fkn brown eyes man its not that hard to draw right?! Other than that i like it but i think the best dp issue was kelly's 16 team up with bullseye imho THATS how deadpool should be...teaming up with another merc(bullseye tasky) hell i can imagine dp calling taskmasters students ''slaves'' lol

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Ok thx

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I know i shouldnt ask this perhaps but i just *cough* downloaded *cough* all deadpool series from internet and i mean ALL of them and i was surprised to see typhoid mary...uhh...uhm...''raping'' him...poor guy

SO, i was wondering i got the part why she hired deadpoon an stuff but WHY THE RAPE!? WHHHYYY??

can anyone tell me?

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Deadpool vs Taskmaster:Unpredictable even tasky said it ok people?!

Deadpool vs Bullseye:Well first i wanna say they kind of have a frenemies or an awkward friendship,just pointing that out there(read joe kelly 16) and well bullseye shouldnt have missed but he was winning at first,it was his...self esteem (leaving taht fat butcher guy to do the job instead of himself)what made him lose i believe and than dp taking the upper hand with DA MEAT ARMOH (i loled at that part)

Deadpool vs Wolvie: oh boy...well they both are great fighters but lets say that they have equal martial skills(lets agree on this to make this easier)wolvie mostly goes berzerk and fiercly attacks thus leaving his healing f to take care of the damage AND he has an adamantium skeleton(which makes him SLOOOOOW vs deadpool) and we all know deadpool isnt a...''technical genious'' but he went to military and was a professional so with some prep(bombs traps nades DAT EXPLODING SHURIKENS...i think deadpool can best wolvie...just sayin)

Just my 2 minutes

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@phoenix_rain: He would have sex in the air just like he did

Imagine if Deadpool married She-Hulk

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Well as much as im a total deadpool fan it is very hard for him to get a cartoon cuz he will rip heads off stab people shoot them i mean absoluate cant do that on tv so easily

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