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Way Messes Up on Bullseye 0

     I'll start off this issue by saying I am neutral.  I am not of the camp that thinks Deadpool is the greatest things comic books have ever had; however, I'm not one of those guys who just hates everything he is in.  The concept of the character is in fact creative: a man with extreme insanity and a big mouth is granted with powers and abilities that keep him from being harmed by most forces.  Daniel Way does, for the reccord, do as good a job as possible at writing a story about a character ...

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Somewhat Amazing Spiderman Issue 0

     While the stories revolving around Aunt May are excellent, Doc Ock and Spiderman are disappointing in this landmark issue.  A good enough comic but not the best of either this month or of Brand New Day Spiderman, this issue keeps up the standard of having forced issues at number 600 and charging extra for it.  Still, with the sheer quantity of stories there is some good stuff.       The main story is "Last Legs," which is fairly disappointing.  Why?  Well, Dan Slott (the writer) has done an...

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Not Enough 0

    Van Lente does a good job in the presentation and explanations, but the story is just to skimpy.  The reason is simple: Marvel scheduling issues.  Slott created the excellent character, and has announced he has plans for it.  A story arc involving Negative is imperative for this to happen, but the timing is bad.  The story has become another Dark Reign tie-in, and has to take place before "Utopia."  Van Lente had only done one Spiderman story prior to that start of this series ("Return of th...

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Humorous with an Exciting New Cast 0

      With the success of Dark Reign, practically all the A and some of the B list heroes are getting there own series or mini-series.  Surprisingly, this one is actually acceptable.       In case you don't know the details, I'll give you the simple background.  Mac Gargan/Scorpion has become Venom, and thanks to Norman Osborn becoming the leader of the super-hero community, Venom is now an Avenger.  Obviously, people take a dim view to having a cannibalistic, psycopathin, greedy, alien like Ven...

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Luke Cage Shines 0

     First off, I'll warn you.  Despite the fact that Ares and Sentry are on the cover, they are not even featured in this issue.  The cover lies (though compared to next issues cover, this is as honest as Abe Lincoln).     That aside, I really enjoyed this comic.  The art is awesome, but the best part is Brian Michael Bendis does one of the two things he does best--taking B and C characters and making them into compelling and entertaining people.       For those of you who haven't read Dark Ave...

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New Black Panther's Storyline End is Satisfactory 0

     Despite the issues in the New Black Panther being annoyingly short, the new series is fun, with good emphasis on the two unique factors that makes BP one of the best heroes around--being a monarch of a realistic African nation, and being a God-appointed leader in every sense of the world.  With T'Challah in a coma and the Dori Mijore dead, Princess Shuri (BP's sister) is entertaining as her own feisty personality provides a unique spin on the BP persona.    For anyone who hasn't read the ot...

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Black Widow's History with Wolverine Great New Insight 0

     Jubillee.  The rebellious young mutant who shot fireworks out of her hands.  Originally lost, confused, and irresponsible, it was Wolverine who taught her how to be a true hero.  Then, as we all know, Scarlet Witch said three really bad words and Jubillee was one of the millions of mutants to become powerless.  Wonder where she went?  Well, the canibalistic, adamantium laced, assasin Omega Red just found her with Agent Zero (aka Maverick) and has captured her to use in his fight with Wolver...

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