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not liking Javier Pulido's art on She-Hulk, if the interior art was more like the cover art then maybe I could get into it.

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Only title I'll be looking forward to is Captain Marvel and possibly All New X-Factor... and it would be awesome if Leinil Francis Yu was the regular artist on Captain Marvel, but I'm ok with David Lopez, at least they keeping Kelly Sue DeConnick as the writer. ^_^

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to me it looks like a cross between the He-Man outfit and the Prince Adam outfit

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@captain_oblivious: actually I wasn't, I sort of took a break from comics in the 90s... I did buy a few comics here & there but there was just too much being thrown at us during the 90s, some good stuff and some crappy stuff, so when I first heard of the Valiant relaunch, I decided to check it out and it's been great so far

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I agree with Valiant's claim of "The World's Greatest Comic Book Company" cause to this day, not a single title released from Valiant's relaunch has disappointed me unlike DC & Marvel, which have mostly been hit & miss... but definitely looking forward to this new release

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@LordRequiem: I was thinking the same thing, the more information that gets released the more it sounds like it's going to turn into X-Men 4 instead of being a sequel to First Class

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I'm now less excited about seeing this movie... but it would be nice to see Ellen Page back as Kitty Pride.

and another thing I noticed is that besides James McAvoy (Professor X), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) & Nicholas Hoult (Beast), no one else has been announced as returning from First Class... all announcements have been mostly cast members from the original trilogy returning so it's starting to feel more like X-Men 4 (with the First Class sequel serving more as a flashback)

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Definitely looking forward to a Doctor Strange film, as for the films other people have been mentioning to be made (ie: Black Panther, Ms. Marvel), the only problem with those films is that none of them have any villains or a supporting cast that are recognizable or known to anyone outside of comic fans so it'll be harder to draw non-comic fans to watch those films.

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personally I think it's too early in the First Class universe to do this storyline... this storyline would have worked better as a sequel to X-Men Last Stand

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at 00:25, I think that booth babe next to the one dressed as Wonder Woman is model Ana Rica :O

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