Marvel NOW!

Lately while reading through the various titles that are part of Marvel NOW, I'm realizing that their are ALOT of continuity issues... First let's get to "Avengers #1": In the first issue, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man & Hawkeye are all captured by Ex Nihilo, now what confuses me is if they're captured then when do the events in Iron Man, Thor & Hulk take place in continuity?... next up is "New Avengers #1": How is Mister Fantastic a part of their team if he's away in space in the Fantastic Four series? Same thing for Iron Man from the previous mention. I just will never understand how certain characters are doing so much in their own titles or with their teams but then at the same time they're off during other things with other groups with no mention of what they were in the middle of in their own titles!

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