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I'm in Law Enforcement and I strongly believe that we are in the business of saving lives, more so then any fictional character of man made conception. In law enforcement we are never trained to shoot in the leg, shoulder or foot to stop a criminal from destroying or taking the life of another human being. In this movie Superman had to make a decision, save the life of the last surviving relic of his people, his own blood, or save the lives of innocent human life caught in the struggle on the planet that has raised him. People, there is a difference between murdering and saving lives. We are often so deep in science fiction that we often refuse to see the difference in the opinions. By doing so you discredit every standing citizen of our armed forces that fight to defend our nation. To stop a woman from being raped or a family from being murdered, I do the best in my power to stop the criminal. And if such is the case to where the criminal will not comply to my warnings and resist arrest and I feel that the person or family I was swore to protect will suffer loss at the hand of the criminal, I will take my service weapon and fire twice into the heart of the criminal. I am not a murderer. Neither I, nor my brothers in blue or our armed forces. Heroes kill all the time. To save the lives of the innocent and to those who can not defend themselves, I will take the life of the another. This is not something I want to do, but these are things that happen in reality. Fictional heroes are grounded in reality. Zod had trained his whole life as warriors, given time and mastery of his skills he could have easily defeated a man that has never been in a fight. Zod would have never left the city, he would have destroyed as many people as possible to hurt Superman for destroying the hope of his people. It is a shame for someone to have to die in order for others to live peaceably but there are young man and women on the front line doing that for us everyday. So please be careful not to call a hero who has killed as a murderer who is a criminal, that hero may very well save your life, and God forbid he hesitates. Superman represents me and all those who work to save lives.

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@crusader8463 said:

I voted Doom because unlike the other ones, who just have big companies, Doom has an entire countries wealth to back him. I guess Black Panther does as well, but Doom is cooler so I voted for him. Plus Doom would probably be more willing to sell his tech to other places where as, iirc, The Black Panther is more about keeping Wakanda cloistered from the rest of the world, which would mean his country would have less, if not non existent, of a exports/imports trade networks.


Well said. Owning whole armies and becoming your own governing body is far richer then stock. In that case throw Namor and Aquaman in the loop since the own entire kingdoms which make up 75% OF THE EARTH. Sorry, but it is not Batman. Wayne Industries can make alot of things but it as has nothing on Doom Tech. (Laughing) This guy has an army drones, , , , OF HIMSELF!. He has a time machine just laying there in his living room, how much does that thing cost. He has gateways to other dimensions randomly placed on earth. And I know he mines his own oil, how else do you run an entire army of Doom bots?

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@nerdork said:

As much as i want to see the clip, I feel that i must refrain and save as much as i can for next weekend.

agreed!! This should have a spoiler tag on it. So far I've only seen the 1 full trailer of the movie, any more spoilers would take away my shock and awe

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He trains. Bruce Wayne is a human being. Nobody has a body and fighting prowess like that without consistent physical and mental discipline. He is not like Thor, who does not need to sleep, eat or train, and who's body is not dependent upon food, water and rest. This is what I like Oliver Queen's character in the CW Show Arrow, the fact that we often see him training and honing is skills so that what he learned on the island is not depleted. I believe that Bruce is obsessed with being at the peek condition. Some of the best fighter and athletes in the world train nearly everyday. I also believe that Bruce is a humanitarian, giving and providing for the poor and orphans, and consistently providing for charities. Other then that he trains. Nobody can beat up everybody without training everyday. (Unless of course your Chuck Norris)

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I know that this question is a little off centered given the time period and publishing dates of these writings but are there any minority pulp heroes other then the Green Hornet?

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Why is it white people are the ones that always jump on the bandwagon for changing races of characters?. Most of the black people I know ( I am biracial so I will not include myself) don't give a F*** about the skin color of there favorite superheroes. Truth be told race DOES NOT MATTER but when making a movie from a source material its important to stick close to it. Look at the Avenger the actors look like the character they are playing if people want that its fine and understandable. Its not racist so do not throw that word around at others that do not think MBJ is the right fit, being racist means you hate a person because of there skin no one hates this actor here.

I'm a black man who loves comics and I love source material. I've been reading comics for over 22 years and truth be told when most of the these so called source materials were produced blacks and whites were still segregated, or just coming out of segregation period. There are no real "pulp" black heroes, and it was not because blacks did not want to be represented in comics, we were made to accept that the alien from outer space, was a white man with super powers that could never tell a lie, and that he is the greatest hero there is. And yes there are millions of young black men and women that want to see there culture represented as super heroes. Even in relationships, to see two white couples in is all to common, but to see two black couples? You would have to create a forced situation with a made up back story (Storm and The Black Panther)

Mutants ironically, are the minority in comics. Xavier (aka) Martin Luther King making the whole I have a dream speech, facing off and with Magneto (aka) Malcolm X with the whole superior race complex. Yet while Mutants are the minority in comics the real minorities are too often over look because "race does not matter" until you darken the skin of a hero. I would love to see black families in comics, I would love to see a little black girl like Valeria that is one of the smartest little girls in the universe. Not only that, Latino families, and Asian families. To say that most black people don't care that all that there culture is not represented is just not a fact, that my daughter has to look at a black woman with bleach blonde hair and blue eyes as her cultural match, is an understatement. Notice I'm not just talking race, I'm talking culture. Sunday morning in a Southern Baptist Church in the South, follow by dinners at grandma's. Listening to the history my PARENTS on how they dealt with black and white only public services, and of my grand parents who Yes, picked cotton in the fields in the era where Dick Tracey was in his glory. Marvel is constantly making super heroes but ignoring whole walks of life that other people have only read about and never experienced prompted by the color of skin or cultural different (Look another blonde hair blued eyed kid with a new series, aka Superior) . Do I want Johnny Storm to be black?? No. But as a black man we are not invisible to the fact that we are just now getting represented not only in comics but in sci-fi movies (Tired of being the orcs in the Lord of the Rings I don't care what the source material states) Yes I love my blonde hair blue eyed Captain America my Dark hair Super-Man, my nerd Spider-Man, the Avenger movie. But if we always stuck with the source material, we would always be stuck with post segregated superheroes. Sorry if this sounded bad I'm not attacking your opinion. Nobody cares about skin color in a universe that is 85 percent white 10 percent alien, and 5 percent minority. There is a documentary called "Black Super-Man and White Scripts" out on youtube check it out.

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I really don't see what all the fuse is about. Carrie fits all 3 of the Robin criteria.

1. Under age adolescent: check

2. Black hair if your a Robin male, Red if your a female: check

3. Limited combat experience: check (unless your Damian, then it's 6 1/2 years of training, come on people he wasn't learning assassinations at 3, I mean come on.)

Don't get me wrong friends, I'm not oppose to the idea of having a Robin on the team, but could we please change up every predictable outcome of who Robin is. Oh and really DC? the man's son just died in the role and a couple of issues later we get the tease of the new Robin. This make perfect sense. This is exactly what I would do if my son was impaled under my watch. Then again it's just a comic, what's the big deal.

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Great post Sara. I feel that Sif is Marvel's Wonder Women. Proudly written and beautifully drawn. However I don't feel that she is the most underrated woman in comics. I feel that the strongest females character are not just the ones that could stand on there own as the simple warriors with class, but are the ones that hold multiple titles. I look at my wife and I find that her best characteristic and traits will never reach comics because there just not popular. She is the strong leader and CEO of her company, and awesome and supportive wife, an encouraging and proactive mother to our children, a great friend to those around her, a caring daughter to her parents, she has her own relationship and views about God, she is beautiful and inspiring to be around. She is by far stronger then I am, and she doesn't have to beat me at arm wrestling to prove it. Women are so underwritten in comics that we often categorize and compare their strength to that men to prove their worth, when women are so much more beautifully complex. No I don't think that Sif is as strong as Thor. Thor is the cosmic god of thunder, Sif is an Asgardian warrior. I don't she her taking on the Hulk, Thanos or the Silver Surfer and wining. That does not make Sif any less of a warrior because she is or is not as strong as Thor. I do however feel that she is MORE skillfully trained then Thor in the killing arts. While being a fearless fighter and compassionate warrior are great traits to have, we see this of many female characters in comics. Storm in her early years, Red Sonya, Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, Black Canary, the list goes on. I guess it's just me, but I want to see more. Sif is a great character, but I think that she has a greater story to tell the fearless warrior bit. The most underrated women in comics are not the slim sexy warriors, but the little thicker yet still beautiful mothers, the single parent women, the minority women, the married women, the single yet holding her own women, the pregnant women, and the older women (God forbid we should show that, right) how about just the well written no matter the race or nationality women to name a few. Sorry for the rant, I hope that I didn't offend anyone. Great Job Sara.

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@tordollhouse said:

Cannot wait !! Hopefully its Harper Row..

lol, that was funny, your joking right? Because the new Black Pan. . . uh, Batwing looks like a 20 year old girl, lol. Seriously though, David was a born killer, a natural predator in a nation that demands the survival of the fittest. Trained in combat since his youth. Oh how quickly DC is willing to discard great characters over mediocre writing.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: @Jonny_Anonymous said:

DC sure like to beat you over the head with a Bat......

lol, That's pretty funny