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@noone301994 said:

A dead one.

Naruto would never beat any version of Superman. It's silly to think otherwise.

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@sodamyat: WTF does that mean. BM is going to just stand there and get shot? That's like the dumbest thing I've read today.
Every person that has posted on this thread as said BM minus the person that made the thread, why did you even do it then. Then you said some nonsense about "Post only if you know about the characters"
You put her against a character that has the power to kill her 100 times over and 1 feat has you on "Well, this is pointless. She wins."
The F*ck is wrong with people. I'm finished here.

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@sodamyat: No, it's not.

BM is a moon buster at least. He's taken nukes point blank. Sentry couldn't 1 shot a weakened BM who was holding back. 1 shot of anti matter finishes her. You're underestimating BM like crazy.

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I've better h2h than anyone on this list.

I clear

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@sodamyat: To her, maybe not. But to the Rod, without question. The man is a scientific genius.

Beyond that, he could just use antimatter finger blast from range all day long.

My point is, he's got several different ways to kill her instantly if he wanted to and her Rod is an non factor given that he could just break it down and he could do that from range also.

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@sodamyat: Why wouldn't Blue Marvel deconstruct her and the rod at the same time at an atomic level. Seriously? If BM is being serious, what does he have to fear in this fight?

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Team 2 for speed and gear advantage. I would say both Eric and T'Challa are faster than either of their opponents. The vibranium suit and energy daggers can take down the toughest enemies, and Blades vampire physiology along with his spikes,katana,guns, and explosives can create hell for any team. Black Panther's intelligence would be the X factor in their win.

add to that fact that both people on team 2 have gear. Just a wider tool set to deal out damage and give more options. Blade is by far the strongest person on the team and should have a noteworthy speed advantage. That and he's harder to hurt than anyone here. Panter is right there with him because of the suit. So, it should certainly go to team 2.

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@ghost_rider1: No.

Speaking realistic, Blade has the stats to one shot her or Dick. So they are a non factor. Also, Canary can't take a bullet. Unlike Bruce/Dick that have armor that might stop that. Her Canary Cry is a useful tool and probably would mean something. But Bullets.
She would be murder quickly by either Blade/Panther. There is no reason in the world to think she has any advantages. Panther would stomp her out given that I feel his Vibranium armor would stop her CC(I could be wrong, but I do believe it would be ineffective) Add to that he has beaten people like Iron Fist in H2H, She gets wrecked.
Blade on the other hand outclasses her in every area much to greater degree on things like Strength/durability/healing/regen Dick would have been the better choice.

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anyone on team 1 could solo

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Steve Rogers ever single time.