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@michaeljulius: You dont know much about Galactus. Galactus is one of the absolutely most powerful beings in MU. He is sometimes victim of a bad writing (propably because he is pretty often character and he sometimes plays a role of bad guy or sometimes writers want to make an impression how powerful are their main beings). But if you like MU you should know that there is a few beings in MU that are for real above Galactus.

One of the Vishanti in his realm was able to fight with Galactus...Yes but it was Agamotto's realm (thats make a big difference) and they were just fighting. Galactus is far above him.

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Stops at 5.

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Round 1: Odin

Round 2: Galactus

Odin does not stand a chance against "averagely hungry" Galactus.

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Starving Galactus vs Odin - im not sure about that one.

Hungry Galactus (but not starving) vs Odin - Galactus wins without much troubles but after decent fight.

Decently fed Galacuts vs Odin - Galactus. Quite easy win.

Well fed Galactus vs Odin - Galactus is going to perform a curbstomp.

Highly fed Galactus vs Odin - Galactus wins in matter of seconds.

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Galactus is one of the absolutely best, most awesome, most fascinating and most incredible comics character ever created.

Also Galactus is one of the most powerful beings in Marvel. It is obvious fact.

Even Thanos said (in Thanos Redemption comic) that his personal might is nothing in comparison to power of Galactus. Moreover Thanos stated that literally few beings can challenge Galactus's power. Obviously there are tons of other proofs that big G is so powerful.

The problem is that he is also a victim. Yes Galactus often is a victim of bad writing. He sometimes also plays a role of bad guy ("plays" coze obviously he is not a bad guy) and bad guys always loses.

Anyway i would like to see Galactus as he realy is = seemingly undefeatable cosmic being of unimaginable level of power that takes part in in the most fascinating and the most epic cosmic adventures and fights.

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@spambot said:

I would prob have to go with the Celestial team simply because its so hard to put just one of them down. I see full powered Tyrant and recently fed Galactus basically as equals to a Celestial, amped Odin is close to a Celestial but that still leaves 6 more against what is left. rkt is the variable imo. Regular Thor was able to crack the armor of Exitar with his strongest blows and his godblast was able to shatter his brain casing which staggered him but which he recovered from. So the question is how much damage would a Godblast from rkt do? It might one shot even a named Celestial. 9 Celestials is prob too many though so I'd have to go with them. I am guessing they would also prob resist Omega beams.

Decently fed Galactus is more powerful than one Celestial. Well fed Galactus is far more powerful than one Celestial. Tyrant is not equal to Galactus (Galactus has beaten him after good fight). Nonetheless Tyrant is very powerful and should be able to take down one Celestial.

Well fed Galactus is realy underestimated in this topic.

@Pr0d1gy Galactus that has eaten four planets is not a 400 % Galactus...OMG. It is just fed Galactus.

Galactus can absorb an incalculable amounts of energy. He can eat many worlds...And obviously his level of power depends also from energy of world that he is going to eat. For example Galactus can boost his power to unimaginable levels if he eats super-world such as Taa II.

100 % nourished Galactus ? Mayby if he absorps the whole reality. Dont know if it is possible. But Galactus is said to be the third force in the Universe and some say that Galactus at 100 % level of power is equal to Eternity.

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Galactus is one of the absolutely most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. Thanos in Thanos Redemption comic said that only few in universe can challenge his might. He is said to be the third force in the universe. If he is well fed the team "2" will have a chance.

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Any Juggernaut can thunder clap these team to uncousioness and even to death (depends on how much strength he uses).

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Juggernaut is avatar of Cyttorak....Jugg as Classic is stronger than Thor but he can faar stronger...For example in 8-th Day Juggernaut - Cain was so strong that he almost killed Thor by just catching him for a few sec...

Marvel said that Juggernaut has potential to be not only the most durable but also the strongest guy in Marvel World. There is a official Marvel note with this information. Human_Juggernaut got it (i cant find it atm).

But the real problem is that writers dont use Jugg in way he could be used...Its not nice...

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OMFG what are you talking about :P ??

Does Marvel want to destroy one of the best character - Cain Marko- Juggernaut ?

When do we have old Juggernaut back ? Writers could use the incredible power of Cyttorak to increase level of power of Jugg or so, but NOT they just screwed everything...