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I absolutely love the LXG comic and I also love the movie. But for some reason the comic is adored and the film hated, what are you opinions about the movie?

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Recently I've been reading a lot of Tomb of Dracula and old Blade series and I'm wondering...why don't we have a Blade ongoing series??? If Marvel did start a Blade ongoing how would you like it set up? Which characters, villains, team/solo, etc?

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@VampireSelektor: I like a broody Nightwing, he's a little too chipper for me sometimes haha.

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I've read Batman and the Outsiders: The Chrysalis and the Snare, and really liked it and I was wondering if I should pick up some old TPB’s? Is the 2003 run of the Outsiders with Nightwing as the leader worth reading or lack luster?

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I think they should add Black Panther and maybe Ms. Marvel, but I don't know who for a villain, maybe Ultron or Kang if they could make a simplified time travel movie, which I don't know if they could.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: I don't know if I'd want to see Batman and Catwoman married, I don't think Catwoman would ever get married, and I don't think Bruce could handle that sort of commitment. He has a hard enough time keeping a girlfriend, I don't think he could imagine having a wife. But there's no way they would stick that close to Huntress original origin, there would be no point to a reboot if they just do it over, and with Helena being Robin at some point in time we know it will be different, HOW LONG TILL MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also sorta like that Bruce and Selina don't put a title on their relationship, they could be together, but they'd never say that, the flirtation works for me.

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I think I want them to kill off Selina. I think it's horrible to only use a character to build up another characters story but that's a major part of Helena's story in any incarnation. In the original comic she became Huntress because her mother was murdered, in the stupid Birds of Prey tv show she became Huntress because Selina was murdered. And we have the regular DCU to explore Catwoman's character. I feel like a horrible person for saying this, but would it be so horrible if DC used Catwoman's death to build up Huntress' origin story? I also think it would be interesting to see how Bruce reacts to the death. The pictures of the Earth-2 comic cover shows a very dark JSA. They all look battered and broken, they've all obviously lost something. Superman's lost Lois, Wonder Woman's lost the Amazons, and Batman's gained a daughter? That doesn't make sense, he has to have lost something.

I mean how amazing would it be to have Helena dealing with a father who never wanted her to become who she was raised to be, and then come to a world where everything worked out the way it was supposed to? Where her mother and father were together and still alive, where she could be who she wanted to be. Would she really ever want to go back? I think it could create so many interesting storylines that i've been thinking about for years, and I want to see them explored. I didn't really realize it till now, but I've been waiting for this book since I was little and I want my questions to be answered, and in less than a month I expect some answers.

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@fodigg: Oh yeah i'd want them to be a couple just not married, their whole secret flirtation thing is getting REAL old. And i had no idea Peter and MJ weren't married with May haha i always got the feeling they were.

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@fodigg: I would LOVE to see an unmarried Bruce and Selina raising a child. There are single parents all over the world, and there are also many parents who just choose not to get married, it would be nice if they were represented for once in comics. And in an interview Paul Levitz announced that Huntress will be the daughter of Bruce and Selina.

@jsphsmth: I don't know if I want her alive or not haha. I really like Helena's orginal origin, ya know her mother's murdered so she goes behind her fathers back and becomes the Huntress to track down her mothers killer. But I do like Catwoman as a hero, I really loved her on the Outsiders although she was only on the team for a little under a year. Oh my god! Catwoman on the JSA would be crazy, I can't imagine how Superman and Wonder Woman would react to it. Then again maybe by that point she'd just be part of the family? I want Catwoman on the JSA but I also want Huntress awesome origin. How do we get the best of both worlds?

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We all know the Avengers film could crash and burn, but the public will probably eat it up even if it is crap. So if there is an Avengers 2 film who would you like to see in the team? Or maybe who would you like to see as the villain?