What makes the Hulk "incredible".


Debunking myths about the Hulk's powerset part 1:

To those who say "Hulk can't have limittess power because he doesn't have limitless anger power":

The Hulk is not dependent on his own strength. Some people mistakenly think the statement "madder he gets, stronger he gets" means that Hulk is using limitless power he already has to gets unlimited power, which make no sense. Why would Hulk need to increase in power if he already has it all in the first place? Why would you grab power if you had it all already?

Hulk increases power when his body is pressed toward it physical limit, either by the pressure he or others put on him. His power activates in instance that the body is being overtaxed by it's own activity or overtaxed by other outside forces and meets those demands by growing stronger to in order to avoid death. The Hulk doesn't increase in strength just because he wants to. The act of Hulk drawing universal atomic energy into himself is only a matter of fulfilling his body's own personal need.

Statements such as this sum up the Hulk's power nicely:


"His limitless strength!"

"One figure strides forth... huge, invincible, with power so great it continually feeds upon itself... The Incredible Hulk!"


"But, such is the power of the incredible Gamma Rays that created him--the more the Hulk exerts himself, the stronger he becomes!"


"The Hulk cannot tire! The more he fights--the stronger he becomes!"

"Though the Incredible Hulk is subjected to deadly forces beyond mortal description, still does the indescribable Gamma Ray Energy within his massive frame continue to sustain him -- still does his mighty heart beat on, as his all-consuming rage increases with every passing second!"

In conclusion,

Hulk's power is not centered around his anger but stress. being pushed toward his limits. Anger makes stress. Banner/Hulk being pushed towards his limits makes him reach for the proportionate amount of energy needed to sustain himself.

You start making Hulk uncomfortable with a significant amount of bodily stress and he gets stronger, grabbing at the endless power of the universe, the fabric of reality, which is known as atoms and the energy of atoms.

Being pushed towards his physical limits such as when he seriously exerts himself (like when he fighting really hard and/or getting angry) or gets hit a by a powerful enough force then the Hulk is made to grow stronger in proportion to that on a genetic level.

This extra-chemical process not only means that the Hulk has limitless in strength but is indestructible as well where it counts most, on the genetic level.

You wouldn't know it by his appearance to the naked human eye but Hulk's power has little to do with just mass. It is the the power of universal atomic energy, gamma ray energy, drawn to his body that gives the added mass such a great attraction force, producing the super-dense bio-mass, giving Banner/Hulk his great superhuman strength and equal durability.

As a side-note: When it comes to superpowers, secondary powers are the most important. If you're not immune to your own powers, able to withstand your own rebounding force, your body falls apart.

Debunking myths about the Hulk's powerset part 2:

Another myth about Hulk's stress-proportionate power increase is that that it "takes time" to response to stress. This is certainly not the case.

The whole point of Hulk being such an awesome foe is that his strength is drawn from a limitless source and increases simultaneously, right along with whatever force that puts a significant amount of pressure on his body.

The Hulk amps mid-battle, that's what just he does, instantly increasing to the proportion of the stress his body takes. Hulk does not have to wait around all day to increase in strength. That would be ridiculous and someone who have took down the Hulk a long time ago. The Hulk would be dead already if his foes needed to give him time to adjust to whatever they threw at him.

Hulk doesn't need to "take time". When put under enough pressure, he has the energy resources to meet the demands of survival and immediately adapts. Where did you get the idea that Hulk power increase "takes time"?

His DNA powers up instantly. Its the rest of the body that takes time.

DNA is the protein factory of the body. The DNA is what produces all other organic matter. Once Banner/Hulk's DNA powers-up it has to form new proteins matter for all the organic systems, replacing all the old with the new.

Of course, it's completely biologically impossible for the DNA to assemble all the body diverse proteins that belong to the different organ systems in no time at all.

The Hulk forms all the proteins quickly but it's definitely not an instant process.

The total transformation process does take time but even that doesn't matter as long as Banner/Hulk's DNA remains intact though it's continuous intake of stress-proportionate power, it can keep reproducing all that stuff.


Hulk's power-level part 1:

You guys still arguing about the Grey Hulk smashing a planet-sized asteroid? How can anyone think a wussy little rocket like the one he used, launched him hard enough to destroy a planet? The asteroid was twice a big as earth. You think his puny rocket pack had that kind of power? It was pretty contrary to that if you looked at the comic. The thing even disintegrated upon exiting earth's atmosphere. If the rocket was so powerful and only relied on the mass the object it hurled, then the Hulk would't have even been needed in that situation! If that was truly the case, then they could have simply used some other object that weighed half a ton.

Is it that some can't except that Grey is just that strong? Maybe it's because your'e determining the character's power level by what is said, out of context, in the character guide book.

I remember when Bruce Banner was seperated from the Hulk with Doc Sampson's nutrient-bath treatment during the mid- 1980s and Banner described Hulk's strength as 100 ton at the least.That statement was soon put in a character guidebooks, out of context at times, and applied to others character as well.

This led to some people mistakenly thinking that Hulk at base level, meaning his level of strength he has before he starts to increase it in the heat of battle, was 100 tons(and other characters as well).

Those people are obviously mistaken for two reasons:

1. From the beginning, the Hulk has always been shown to be the equivalent of a vastly powerful nuclear weapon that could grow in power as needed, making the military might of the entire world look like a joke by comparison. In the years before the Hulk has overpowered force equal to the sun, devastating dimensions, Holding spatial singularities, punching through time-storms, smashing buildings made to withstand massive nuclear assault, withstanding planet devastating assaults, gamma-bombs and other nukes at point blank range, etc.

2. The comic that had Banner make the comment about lifting 100 tons said that was the very least that Hulk could do. You hear that? "THE LEAST"! This lines up with first reason I have stated above. If the Hulk were really that weak then he just wouldn't be the Hulk.

Obviously the Hulk, even the grey one, is stronger than some people think. Train engines can carry hundreds and thousands of tons. You really think the Hulk is no better than a train engine?! Hulk's more powerful than an atomic bomb!! Of course, he's better than 100 men or a train engine! If you calculated exactly how much the Hulk could lift or how much force he could press with at base levels you'd be adding a lot of zeros behind the front number. You'd have to use scientific notation to calculate Hulk's power while it's not even growing.

Even Ironman is not so weak as to be limited to 100 tons. That's right! Ironman's full power, all his juice concentrated in one blow, is able to produce the force of a megaton bomb, your average mountain-crumbling nuclear explosion.

That doesn't even begin to top the Hulk! The sun is a trillion megatons bombs exploding every second. A gamma ray burst produces as much energy as the sun does in it's entire billion year life cycle in milliseconds to a few hundred seconds. That's about 31 nontillion 360 octillion megatons. That is some real fire-power!

Yet some think that Hulk's full strength before he starts increasing in strength in the heat of battle, is 100 tons? That's pretty laughable. You don't even have to be a comicbook-geek who's read every issue of every comic to know that doesn't make any sense.

We can blame that bit of ridiculousness on whoever's been in charge of the Marvel character guide-book for the past three and a half decades.

Hulk's power-level Part 2:

Marvel's handbooks don't do a good job in defining power-levels like it's a weight lifting competition.

By what's shown in the comics, the weights that the big powerhouses could press would need to be expressed with scientific notation..... Meaning that the of weight they can press is UNEARTHLY. Powerhouses like this don't often run into everyday objects they have trouble lifting so Instead they shatter planets with a punch, overcome the power of the sun, withstand planet splitting impacts, hold spacial singularities, close rifts in space-time by punching at them, etc.

The classification name of “100 class” is barely explained and only came into use around the mid 1980’s but here it simply put: the classification of "100 class" applies to Anyone who can press an amount of tons within the triple digits and beyond. Whether you only have the bare minimum strength of 100 men(being able to lift 100 tons) or the strength of a trillion or more, all of that fits within 100 ton class strength. It's a very general category that holds more than one subcategory of power-levels.

So now we know! The "100 class" is for those who can lift that weight or above.

Its a horrible way to classify ALL power-levels and Marvel barely explains their own class system so that we can understand it in the first place. When classifying characters power-levels, if you have to do it in more that one sentence then you aren't doing it right. The reader will probably be confused or won't understand right away with no problem at all.

Every other piece of information tells you to throw the stupid "100 class" classification out the window and forget about it. Readers, do yourself a favor, ignore the stupid "100 class" thing, okay?

We've seen Hulk, Thor, Hercules and others of their level doing things far better than 100 tons or whatever. A train engine can carry hundreds and thousands of tons. You believe Thor is not more powerful than big man-made locomotive? or that he's no powerful than a mob of 100 people? That's just ridiculous.

In the universe of comicbooks you can:

A. lift average amount of weigth

B. lift like a top Olympic-level athlete

C. Have the strength of a mob of men

D. Be as powerful as a locomotive(lifts hundreds to thousand of tons)

D. Have the power of a nuclear power-plant.

E. Are more powerful than a star, and can destroy a planet with your bare hands.

F. Can devastate galaxies.

G. Can devastate large dimensions , y'know, the big portions of the universe so large they make a galaxy look like a grain of sand. Dimensions are so big, they're even referred to as "little universes".

Also, for those who don't know, here's something to help shed light on the confusion of differing power-levels among the most powerful characters:


Low tier-Powerhouse: typically more powerful than a locomotive(because train engines can carry hundreds and thousands of tons) but nothing beyond that.

For example, to directly indicate the limits of this power level: Characters on this power-level can't take anything above anti-tank missiles, meaning they aren't tough enough withstand or exert forces on the magnitude of a nuclear bomb and beyond. Character examples: The Thing and Namor, some of the earliest strongmen of Marvel..

Mid tier-Powerhouse:

character example: Ironman is this because he's powered by a miniaturized nuclear reactor but his power in not quite as great as Thor and the Hulk. Using 100 percent of his power he can achieve power of nuclear proportions for a few seconds but it is still dwarfed by the much more powerful, Hulk and Thor.

Top tier-Powerhouse/Planet-buster: More powerful than an atomic bomb. Some are even classified on this level as the least of their power.

Character examples: Hercules, Hulk, Thor, Silver Surfer, Superman and superman archetypes,etc.

Those within this category who excel beyond it would most obviously be Hulk Thor, Hercules, Hyperion, Gladiator, Silver Surfer, Sentry, Molecule man, etc.

Galaxy buster- Can destroy galaxies.

character examples: Odin, Zeus,Thor(Odin force), Galactus, Celestials, Beyonder, Molecule man(when pushed hard enough), Hulk(when pushed hard enough) or Sentry(when pushed hard enough),etc.


First of all let me ask...

Which is greater?

A. the energy required to pull earth out its orbit of the sun


B. the energy required to reverse the planet's orbit, therefore pushing back and overpowering the sun's own electromagnetic force?

The answer is B.

If you would actually read it, this is exactly what the Hulk is shown doing in this comic scan:

Overpowering a field of energy endowed with sufficient power to change the orbit of a planet(Tales to Astonish #89)

Hulk has the power to move a planet at baseline.

The fact that the field strength needed to be increased is proof that Hulk was contesting that kind of power.

Here's Hulk once again:

Applying force to the space-time structure itself to prevent the Defenders from being absorbed into a fissure (Defenders #3)(with the size of the singularity estimated in about seven feets according to the Schwarzschild radius, then it's mass/gravitational attraction, by the equivalence principle, is thus equivalent to roughly two hundreds Earths),

Planetary level threats in Marvel and DC comics a have been shown doing this so the Hulk isn't the only one who the black hole trick wouldn't work on. It won't work on Thor, Hulk, Hercules, Silver Surfer, Superman, the supermen archetypes or of those in the planet. buster category of power. These characters have been shown shatter they force of a spatial singularity with strength that is superior to them. There's a reason why those of the planer-buster powerlevel don't hope to win a fight by throwing their opponent of the same powerlevel into a black hole or the sun: IT DOESN'T WORK ON THEM!!!

Hulk breaking up the space-time continuum(Incredible Hulk #135)

Classic Dr. Strange's mystic barrier can't withstand the punches of "the most powerful creature on the face of the Earth," from Defenders #18:

Savage Hulk's punches against the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak cause such painful feedback against classic Dr. Strange, he loses concentration and gives Savage Hulk an opportunity to escape in Incredible Hulk #207:

Even the Collector's most powerful forcefield is shattered by Savage Hulk's punches in Incredible Hulk #198:

The power of his fists has been directly compared to many indescribable forces, including Mjolnir. Here, "the Incredible Hulk has done what no other power save Thor's hammer could have done!" From Avengers #5:

And no description of mine can supplant the comic's own description here when Savage Hulk confronts a forcefield of Deviant technology powered by the Sacred Flame: "That something -- anything -- could grip hold of an energy field should be impossible! But the Hulk grabs hold just the same! The field begins to stretch like a physical thing in his grasp -- as he pushes and pulls with ever-increasing might, until -- the barrier collapses!" From Incredible Hulk #242:

Ripping off a powerful device designed to fight against the Celestials(Incredible Hulk #242)(levelling down, if it could withstand power proportional toKubik's, many orders of magnitude inferior to the Celestials, that's already significant)

Savage Hulk frees himself from the Stranger's telepathic commands in Tales to Astonish #89:

Aliens with technology formidable enough to stagger classic Dr. Strange's seraphim shields and ensnare Silver Surfer use a Starwheel machine to trap and drain the Defenders. Only Savage Hulk is able to power through the draining and cause enough feedback to destroy the Starwheel and free them all in Defenders vol.2 #8:

And any such notion that the Gray Hulk can never achieve the heights of other Hulks' strength levels should be dismissed in the face of the following infamous feat. Launched by experimental anti-magnetic jet-propelled rocket springs, the Gray Hulk busts apart an asteroid measured to be TWICE the size of the Earth inMarvel Comics Presents #52:

Gray Hulk definitely does not lack in striking power either as he manages to best the Abomination. "On paper, the Abomination may, technically, be the more powerful of the two. The [Gray] Hulk never read those papers." From Incredible Hulk Annual #15:

Hulk pushes two spheres of matter and antimatter apart(Marvel Team-Up Annual #2)

Hulk easily withstands extreme temperatures (Tales to astonish #105, Tales to astonish #80)

Taking a gamma-bomb at point -blank range, a bomb so powerful, regular nuclear bombs are a joke in comparison to it. (Tales to astonish #62)

Hulk withstanding planet-splitting explosions (incredible Hulk #112)

The secondary shockwaves that Savage Hulk's blows produce can be just as destructive and powerful as his actual blows. By striking the ground, he produces a shockwave powerful enough to knock a flying Human Torch unconscious in Fantastic Four #25:

In Inhumans #12, he gives the Inhuman Gorgon a taste of his own medicine:

He's cleverly caused tremors that rumble tanks enough to shoot at their own planes in Incredible Hulk #121:

He's even diverted the flight path of missiles with a shockwaves' vibrations in Incredible Hulk #120:

While they can be localized, most of the time Savage Hulk's shockwaves are catastrophic in nature. Here the shockwaves are registered by seismologists inIncredible Hulk #147:

An entire river is parted and splashed away by the concussive power of another shockwave in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #8:

A double-fist pound's shockwave rumbles the Rainbow Bridge enough to toss aside Heimdall in Tales to Astonish #101:

He's destroyed an entire subterranean city with the shockwaves produced by a single blow in Incredible Hulk #127:

His double-fist pounds have caused volcanic eruptions in Incredible Hulk #117 and 170:

Even while in upstate New York, his shockwaves are felt instantly miles away in Maine in Incredible Hulk Annual 2001:

A single footstomp's "shockwave causes devastation for miles" in Incredible Hulk Annual 2001:

Another double-fist pound sends shockwaves rippling across a town in Deadpool vol.5 #39:

A mutated Miek is punched across a landscape straight through a volcano in Incredible Hulks #625:

He punches a platform underneath a gigantic Wendigo and Bi-Beast so hard, he sends them to outer space in Incredible Hulks #631:

Savage Hulk clashes with Hyperion and the shockwaves they radiate are felt "countless miles away, [as] geologists look to their seismographs -- then shake their heads in disbelief." From Defenders #13:

But Savage Hulk can wreak even greater havoc solo. Here, Savage Hulk's double-fist pound in Colorado creates shockwaves that are felt all the way out inDenmark, from Incredible Hulk Annual #5:

Hulk's extreme levels of strength have allowed him to do things like ripping whole dimensions asunder, even indirectly, with a thunderclaps and collision shock waves, also withstanding force that can rip apart dimensions, as well as being able to destroy planets with mere footsteps:

A Mindless Hulk literally tears Nightmare's Realm apart (Incredible Hulk #299)

In an attempt to counter a attack from Night-Crawler, the Savage Hulk slams his hands together with so much force that not only does he defuse the attack, but he manages to destroy all the planets/landmasses within the entire dimension(Incredible Hulk #126)!

Sending concussive force throughout countless dimensions by the impact of his collision with the Ironclad(Incredible Hulk #305)(entire dimensions, and not multiversal planets. First, the writer describes dimensions and where there are planets there are also dimensions, since every planet is situated in dimensions. Therefore to send concussive force to planets propitiates send concussive force to dimensions and their multitudes of astronomical entities. Second, there are dimensions without planets: Universes in the beginning of formation, universes where equal quantities of matter and antimatter were produced and generated only radiation, etc. Besides, there are infinite inter-branched parallel universes in the Omniverse. Therefore the postulate that suggests only planets received the entire energy is probabilistically equal to zero. Finally, the planets shown there were just examples of what occurred inside the dimensions. The same argument is applied for the premise that they were only sub-sections of the universe, just replacing the words "planet" for "sub-dimension" and "dimension" for "universe". It is important to perceive that the U-Foes's powers were vastly augmented while on Earth, so that Vector repelled reality itself and transported them to theCrossroads)(Incredible Hulk #304).

It should go without saying that World War Hulk's thunderclaps are nothing short of devastating. While holding back, a thunderclap stuns Namora, Angel and the Immortal Hercules in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #107:

Here he tosses back Beast, Kitty Pryde, Colossus and Emma Frost in diamond form. From World War Hulk: X-Men #2:

World War Hulk was powerful enough to match an all-out Sentry blow for blow in World War Hulk #5:

Everything done in the World War Hulk storyline is Hulk holding back with his punches. Amadeus Cho confirms that with his abilities in Hulk Vs Hercules: When Titans Collide #1:

There isn't really anybody in comics who gets a second wind like World War Hulk. After Bruce and Bob beat the alter-egos out of each other, a spike of anger just brings back a seemingly exhausted World War Hulk to full power... and beyond. From World War Hulk #5:

and there he is going "worldbreaker"...

As he ascends towards Worldbreaker levels, the shockwaves from even a single footstep are felt for hundreds of miles around, tossing helicopters in the air, and causing nearly irreparable damage to the bedrock of the Eastern Seaboard.

Even after he allowed the heroes to drain his gamma away, the damage he caused would have split Manhattan Island in half. From World War Hulk: Aftersmash #1:

The consequences of the Worldbreaker's shockwaves are unequivocally continental in scale. Amadeus Cho reminds Red She-Hulk, "I know. I'm not worried about you... just the rest of the freaking continent." From Incredible Hulks #632:

And again in Son of Hulk #11-12

(Incredible Hulks #610-611)

It's made clear that the "worldbreaker" power-level wasn't just a one time feat. When he's pushed towards Worldbreaker levels again, the shockwaves produced are felt once again throughout the Eastern Seaboard mirroring his previous footstep. From Incredible Hulk #610:

(Incredible Hulk #630-635)

And Again....

World War Hulk tosses Fin Fang Foom backwards with such force that Umar's enchanted shields are shattered in Incredible Hulks #634:

Despite the Red Hulk having forcibly absorbed some of World War Hulk's gamma energies, he is defeated by a final thunderclap in Hulk #24:

World War Hulk's also saved lives with his thunderclaps. Here he blows away enough sand to support a crumbling parking garage in Incredible Hulk#611:

There's a lot more where this came from.

Don't mess with the Hulk cause' he's the strongest there is!!


The Three Laws of Motion part 1:

1. Mass is synonymous with inertia or momentum, an object's resistance to movement in a state of excitement or rest which also the same as energy.

Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

2. Force is equal to an objects mass times it's acceleration, F= M x A

The relationship between an object's mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is F = ma. Acceleration and force are vectors (as indicated by their symbols being displayed in slant bold font); in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector.

3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For example: just because a person is super strong doesn't mean the object they grab or the platform they stand and move on is as strong as them

The Three Laws of Motion part 2: Applied to Superhumans

Superhuman Strength &Speed:

Stop using the "speed-blitzing" for every argument. It doesn't apply the same way to characters of like power levels.

The speed of a strike is determined by the amount of force put into it. The harder a person hits, the faster the strike will travel. The fact that these guys have tremendous power but have light amount body mass in comparison to that power means they will be able to move extremely fast.

Being super-powered usually goes beyond have super-powered muscles since super-powered people are usually different on a genetic level. They should have perceptions different to normal humans. Their senses and thus, the speed at which their brain processes information will be proportionally elevated. Super-powered people who are physical equals should be on the same the level when it comes to the speed of the strike and their reaction time. Keeping the pace shouldn't be a problem.

No one can exert full strength and thus operate at top combat-speed 100 percent of the time.

I ask, where does speed come from? What is it's relation to power, really? Do you know?

some people say that it's "will", as in "Superman wills himself to accelerate or "solar energy".

Both those things, "will" and "energy" are synonymous with "power" or "force".

"Power/Force" is the ability to push yourself and move other things.out of your way, and keep on truckin'.

Speed is the rate of travel. The rate of travel/motion, speed, is always in proportion to power/force.

An objects own power/force works against the other forces that surround it and give resistance. These resisting forces are called inertia.

In exerting force on other objects, you can cause them to accelerate and break apart. How much the other object accelerates depends on it's individual force of inertia.

It is power (focused and fully brought out) that determines speed. Speed of travel requires force. An object's speed is always proportional to it's force.

Superhuman Durability:

Of course their bodies are super-dense and made to handle to pressure it puts on itself as it goes against the force of other objects, able to withstand their own rebounding force or power that is akin to theirs.

"The force of light-speed isn't the end-all and be all" :

May I remind people that the force of light-speed travel and faster-than-light-speed travel is not the end-all and be-all of the universe power because if it was, no one would be discussing how many times in excess of light-speed can someone go. There is always greater force to be achieved. light-speed and any other speed are merely finite measurements in a infinite universe; Finite forces that can always be surpassed by an even greater force.

As for the argument of the "infinite mass punch",

Mass is synonymous with inertia or momentum, an object's resistance to movement in a state of excitement or rest which also the same as energy.

Things going at the speed of light or faster may have "uncountable mass" by our puny earthling standards, increased in inertia to a great degree, but not infinite. Saying things that go at the speed of light or faster have "infinite mass" is like saying any car going at 300mph is all-powerful. The energy of the universe is not limited to power of lightspeed, even if light-speed is extremely fast and furiously mighty by human standards.

Hitting with the force of a white dwarf star does not even begin to measure up to what has already done and what he has the potential to do.

How does this apply to Hulk and other non-flyers?

Hulk can move fast but only in short distances because the ground isn't as strong as he is. Upon reaching a certain speed, the ground breaks up to the point where he doesn't have enough friction to run. That's just basic physics. That's an example of one of three laws of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Hulk can move fast because he has tremendous power, more powerful than an atomic bomb and relatively low body weight in comparison to that power.

Hulk's speed isn't regularly shown and he doesn't rely on it too much (at least not in the form of running) but he definitely has it. Comics at least follow the three laws of motion and so a person/thing's power has equally proportionate amount of speed.

How does this apply to Superman and flying?

Superman is just like Hulk but since he can fly he doesn't have worry about the ground getting in the way. Also, just because a person can move very fast does mean they can change direction easily, It's the exact opposite. The more these character exert their strength to accelerate themselves in a certain direction, the harder it is to change direction. It's not much good in a fight, traveling in a straight line. Also, because earth is such a weak push off point, it takes awhile to accelerate to lightspeed.

Also, when in the air, you can't give yourself leverage because there's nothing to hold on to which makes it very easy to be sent flying and get knocked out of the air.

As I said before, no one can operate at top speed all the time because speed takes energy. Even a being of limitless(like the Hulk) energy doesn't move as fast possible all the time because of the need to change direction and wanting, but not needing, to rest.

Anyway, comic book readers should know better than to judge by outward appearances. The Hulk looks like a slow-moving, lumbering brute and Superman looks like a puny mere mortal. They're outward appearance certainly doesn't stop them from being so powerful.


It would be perfectly reasonable to assume that a 8' tall, 1000+ lbs. monster would be a slow lumbering beast. However, from the beginning, Savage Hulk has always possessed superhuman speed belying his enormous size. His feats of agility and speed are typically accompanied by these sorts of descriptions, "Suddenly, moving with blinding speed which, seems impossible for one so huge..." From Incredible Hulk #4:

The same happens when he fights the Fantastic Four, "Moving with unbelievable speed for one so huge..." From Fantastic Four #12:

Later on when wrapped up by Mr. Fantastic, he escapes by spinning around like a tornado:

In his rematch with Thing he once again begins "moving with surprising speed for one so huge..." in Fantastic Four #25:

He even ends up catching a fired artillery shell and "without stopping, in one smooth, continuous motion, he spins around, using the momentum of the hurtling shell to help propel his giant frame... he releases it" in Fantastic Four #26:

Special weapons and tactics squads try firing bazookas at Savage Hulk "but unfortunately, that 'somethin' isn't quite as fast as the Hulk!" From Iron Man #131:

He's snatched rockets out of the air in Giant-Size Defenders #2 and Incredible Hulk #245:

Savage Hulk has even batted artillery shells in Incredible Hulk #208:

Here he thwarts a crowd of minions, "moving with uncanny speed for one so huge, the green behemoth suddenly tears up an entire section of the stone floor" inTales to Astonish #76:

Savage Hulk confronts a barrage of artillery, "[m]oving with lumbering speed that belies his massive frame, the awesome Hulk thunders toward a gigantic boulder, a hundred feet away" in Tales to Astonish #82:

He has been described as having "lightning-fast reflexes" in Marvel Feature #3 and Incredible Hulk #276:

Comet Man is amazed, "How can he be that big and move so fast?!" From Comet Man #3:

Savage Hulk grabs his enemy "with a swiftness that defies belief!" From Incredible Hulk #264:

Doctor Doom is quick to note, "you are far more agile than I anticipated from one of your size!" From Incredible Hulk #144:

Even the amazing Spider-Man throughout his career can only evade Savage Hulk for so long as shown early on in Amazing Spider-Man #120, and later on inPeter Parker: Spider-Man #14:

While tracking Savage Hulk's movement across the United States, Black Panther notes that he'll be in California in mere hours in Incredible Hulk#128:

He can swim at a speed of 80 knots which is over 90 mph. From Incredible Hulk vol.2 #33:

Underwater he can swing his arms around fast enough to produce a rotor effect in Incredible Hulk #138:

He can actually perform surprisingly agile swordplay in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #92:

A point-blank ambush by Wolverine is deftly blocked by Savage Hulk in Wolverine Origins #28:

Savage Hulk is one of the few people who's easily snatched Cap's shield throw, from Avengers vol.3 #75:

Jack of Hearts remarks, "It's impossible! Nothing alive can move that fast!" From Incredible Hulk #214:

Speedsters like Quicksilver get swatted away in Incredible Hulk #175:

Here, a temporarily in control Banner, ends up using his strength to vibrate a chemical sample "thousands of times faster than the centrifuge could" in Captain America & Falcon #12:

One of Savage Hulk's most defining characteristics is his ability to make gargantuan leaps that cross miles, from Incredible Hulk #3:

Which isn't surprising considering he's been measured at 473 mph in Incredible Hulk Annual 2000:

He travels faster than jetliners and has crossed the China sea here in Incredible Hulk #5:

Even more than that, he has crossed the entire Pacific Ocean by jumping from isle to isle in Tales to Astonish #68:

Which may seem nonsensical but his transcontinental leaping abilities reappear in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #24:

A Wakandan experiences this firsthand noting, "Bruce jumped nearly a mile up into the sky, at an angle that, once it decayed -- would bring him down hundreds of miles from where we left mere seconds before!" Which is topped by another leap that covered "nearly a thousand miles this time" in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #33:

He can overtake a fighter jet with a leap "like it was standin still" in Incredible Hulk #206 and 258:

He's caught up to missiles with his leaps in Tales to Astonish #61:

And intercontinental rockets in Incredible Hulk #117:

Savage Hulk makes it to the top of Mount Olympus in a single leap in Hulk Vs Hercules: When Titans Collide #1:

Hulk performs a Thunderclap with such force, the pressure from the sonic boom sends cars and people (through concrete walls) flying:

The amount of speed Hulk would require would be dozens that of the speed of sound. There is absolutely no way someone of the Hulk's stature can perform such a feat moving at normal or even 10 to 100 times faster. It would have to be tremendous. It is absolutely impossible for the Hulk to perform a feat with strength alone, not accompanied with the proportional acceleration of the object (his hands) as well. source: (SlimJ87D

The Hulk leaps to escape velocity, into outer space in Incredible Hulk #254:

"For an object to escape the earths atmoshphere, it must have an initial velocity of Mach 34. Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escape_velocity. For Hulk to perform such a feat, his legs would have to accelerate and propel someone of his weight, which is approximately 2000 pounds, at even greater speeds than so. It is absolutely impossible for the Hulk to perform a feat with strength not accompanied with the proportional acceration of an object (his body) as well." source (SlimJ87D

Objects to the moon:

Here, Savage Hulk literally picks up and throws the gigantic Fin Fang Foom straight to the Moon in Hulk Vs Fin Fang Foom #1:

same thing here he must have to be able to move his hand faster than mach 10 to throw someone on the moon, because of his power.

And again, Savage Hulk tosses the Mandarin's monstrous minion into outer space in Incredible Hulk #107:

Savage Hulk doesn't just create these enormously powerful shockwaves by striking other objects. He can bring his hands together and create devastating thunderclaps. They've been described as "louder than a jet plane's sonic boom." From Incredible Hulk #4:

A single thunderclap shreds an entire battalion of tanks in Tales to Astonish #67:

How are the thunderclaps underwater? "In air, Hulk's clap is akin to a sonic boom. In the much denser medium of water... the effects arecatastrophic." FromHulk/Sub-Mariner '98:

Handling boulders he can create a thunderclap that is so powerful, the concussion sends Human Torch and Thing flying "helplessly into the air, as the Earth for miles around trembles and shudders." From Fantastic Four #26:

Even with only his bare hands, he's sent Iron Man flying in Mighty Avengers #22:

Savage Hulk sends Iron Man and Vision flying with a thunderclap in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #7:

Here he sends Blastaar and the armies of the Negative Zone flying in Sentry vol.2 #3:

Savage Hulk has wracked Hyperion with a single thunderclap -- that also reverberates for blocks and shatters Dr. Spectrum's prism in Defenders#4:

He's sent the Immortal Hercules flying and deafened him in Hulk Vs Hercules: When Titans Collide #1:

He's literally snuffed out Dormammu's head with a sneak attack from behind in Defenders vol.3 #5:

Defensively speaking, he can disperse the Sandman's sandstorm as done here in Incredible Hulk #113:

Or disperse Human Torch's flames. From Incredible Hulk #122, Fantastic Four #167 and 534:

Or blow away a villainous smoky villain -- along with every "tree, rock, blade of grass . . . above ground level . . . by a blast of air so powerfulthat it puts the fiercest hurricanr in history to shame..." in Incredible Hulk Annual #5:

The "near hurricane force" winds generated by his thunderclaps can completely snuff out fires engulfing buildings in Defenders #23:

"The force of the Hulk's clap can be felt all the way to the ocean... and as the particles of It, the former Living Colossus, disperse over the wider Los Angeles area..." From Incredible Hulk #244:

Want more Hulk feats?
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I wrote most of this article myself but had help form other sources such as the killermovies.com respect thread, the guy who made Hulk's respect threat username "ODJ", and a user from Comicvine, "Slimj870"
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