g-speak computing technology...

At first glance, you may not think that this has anything to do with anything relating to comics, but, take a closer look b/c this just might change the way that comic book movies are made, edited and composited. I work in post production and when I got over the whole, "Oh shit! It's like Minority Report!", reaction, I realized the potential that this technology could bring to the table for people in this line of work and others as well.


Wonder Woman animated feature! Woohoo!!!

Absolutely cannot wait for this. I so much prefer an animated feature about WW's origin story rather than a stab at a live-action feature (which btw, I would love for Jessica Biel to be cast to play if it happened).


IRON-MAN 3D short.

I love this short. I never get tired of watching it. I'm a 3D artist so I can appreciate it for the work that went into it. Though I think they could've modeled IRON-MAN's face better, more hi-res, more detail in the face; I also thing they could have textured and rendered it better. The armor reflects like an aluminum can does (not good) and so does the mask. I would have liked him to be more reflective, shinier, like the paint job on a brand new Porsche or BMW X5. SpiderMan's costume looks like rubber too. Other than that, I think the over all animation is good; the facial on Stark was little weird but facial is really difficult to do so...anyway, enough critiquing, here's the short in all 3 parts.



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Ahhh, don't u just love irony...

Funny how the last question was too hard to answer and this one is easy peasy...


Man even if I were fat, sloppy and ugly, I would never trade my ability to look at chicks for being blind! Even if it meant I could hear mofos flush the toilet 3 blocks down the street, ROFL!
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Best question yet...

Hope u don't delete my post but, this requires some serious thinking; I'm sure a lot of others agree. Pretty sure why this question hasn't seen many posts...am I right?

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G-Man's mentioned the Go-Bots today in his review of the Transformers Blu-Ray DVD. I immediately began to look for old GoBot stuff around the web sinced I had watched the show as a kid. While on my stroll down memmory lane I found this little gem. Apparently the controversy behind this clip is, while this GoBot is being held down...you know what, watch the video and you tell me what the hell you think is going on here.


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