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How about a strategy-type game where you play as a villain like Lex Luthor and try to set up a "heist" or other such diabolical plan and see if you can outwit the hero that comes to thwart your plan? How many times have we seen a villain's plan play out only for them to forget one crucial detail and you say to yourself "Man I wouldn't have overlooked something so simple!" Well, a game like this would give you the opportunity to do such a thing. Kind of a game like Overlord or something and the hero that you're up against could be randomized (in either the DC or Marvel universes).

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I'm confused I thought Harper was a teenager or at least a young woman, but she looks like a middle schooler or younger for the first half of the book. This is why I thought it was taking place during Zero Year at first. Is anyone else confused? I know G-Man said her appearance was inconsistent, but this was just plain weird! Good issue though.

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Does anyone know what the "51 50" on her shoulder pads means?

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Is there a reason this issue is $3.99 instead of the usual $2.99?

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I really like Jae Lee's art style, but the story was confusing as heck for me. Could anyone explain to me how the crystal was destroyed? It seems like it broke for no good reason.

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I'm guessing they claimed the Justice League is dead because "The Justice League is dead" sounds a lot more ominous and "do what I say or else"-y than "The Justice League is locked up in a prison we made for them."

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Two words: Yee-hah.

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Maybe I'm missing something because I'm a guy, but I really don't see the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship as being insulting to her. In my mind, they are both of equal power and he couldn't "tame" or "overpower" her if he wanted to. Ever see that episode of the Justice League cartoon where she was hallucinating and beat the snot out of Superman because she thought he was a demon? Yeah, they're equal in my mind. Plus, their relationship makes sense the way Johns introduced it this time; They're both demigods who feel alone in the world of mortals, so why wouldn't they hook up if they had that in common? Like a man and woman shipwrecked on an island (a comparable situation) wouldn't eventually fall in love out of sheer loneliness? Azzarello's Wonder Woman stories have been AMAZING and have really elevated her character in my mind. Plus, she can hang with the "Big Boys" just as much as any other super powered hero/heroine (just ask Orion's nuts...that scene still makes me cringe).

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Probably Image. When I think of the companies, I can't think of very many if ANY scantily clad sex-symbols in Image books. The women in Image are treated realistically, and in some cases (like Fatale), while they do appear nude, it doesn't feel exploitative or cheesy.

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You, sir, are my hero. I love seeing someone actually make a logical argument on a forum instead of flaming.

As a native Rhode Islander, I loved seeing the smallest state take such a front and center position in a major DC event. Makes me wish we actually HAD a place called Happy Harbor.

Also, did anyone else wonder how Catwoman and Batman managed to knock in the steel door? Two people without super powers doing such a thing (not to mention carrying Victor at the same time) struck me as odd.