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Black Bolt wins with a speed blitz.
Storm's not even peak human fast, nor does she have peak human reflexes. She's not going to be able to stop Black Bolt from scoring a KO.

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@rbysjti said:

" @spidey 15 said:

" @xmenfallen said:
" @rbysjti: there is also millions of ways for nova to win "
Agree....=] "
I disagree. Nova doesn't have vast powers. while Storm has because she controls different elements. nova doesn't have that ability. It's the suit that gives him power. "
Irregardless what gives him his power, he's significantly stronger than Storm.
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The FCBD issue's really got me looking forward to this one.

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Calculus. It's the only subject I've ever actually struggled with.
That's University level though, high school math was easy.

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Dr. Pepper. I could literally drink only that until I die. 
For sodas that is, I'd still want alcohol too.

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I'm not exactly for hitting them, there are better ways of dealing with most children. If it's made illegal though, then I could see some of the more messed up kids that more physical punishment might actually work on taking advantage of it. 
For example: I know of a woman who refused to hit her child under any circumstances. He just blatantly ignored all punishments given to him. One day, when she took away his privileges to go outside and play with his friends, he pushed her down the stairs. Granted, this boy was pretty messed up, but I could honestly see a few good smacks getting through to him.

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@emerald lamp 2814 said:
" bubble wrap "
@joshmightbe said:
" sex "
Those two... TOGETHER!
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@napoleon said:
" @Boomstick Bob: whats wrong with a little faith "
There's no reason for it. I see no evidence at all of any higher powers.
Also, I've said why I think a little faith is, in my opinion, wrong.
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I, myself, am not big on this whole religion thing. It seems illogical to me. I do understand that religions worked well for people to make answers for things they couldn't explain. That's why almost every religion (including Christianity if you approach it a certain way) has a God that represents the sun. It the big life-giving ball of fire in the sky, so it's important to survival. It make crops grow, giving food. It gives warmth and light. It's a big deal.
What I don't understand is how religion has gone on to today. Especially since the modern religions weren't always around. Christianity got big in the Roman days and the Bible was created by a government hand-selecting various scriptures that helped solidify peoples belief in Christ. If people believe in something as powerful as God, they were easier to control by the government that supported their religion. 
But, since then, there's been so many things that have shown up that disprove various parts of the Bible. The Earth clearly wasn't created in seven days. Dinosaurs existed, yet they didn't interact with Adam and Eve. Evolution can easily be seen by observing bacteria under a microscope for long enough if you don't want to look at fossil records. 
Yet, despite these things, religion survives. Why? Is it because people, at very young ages, are told to believe that this book, created by man, is in some way divine? 
Or is it perhaps that the churches themselves refuse to lay down and die? After all, they're out for money, just like any other organization.

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Smell, but I could deal with taste.
Anything else though, I probably wouldn't be able to deal with.