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Monikers: The Death Dealer from Down Under, The Killer Who Keeps Coming Back.
Identity: Publicly Known.
Occupation: Professional criminal, assassin, former trail guide, baseball pitcher.
Citizenship: USA, with a criminal record.
Place of Birth: Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. 
Education: High School Graduate.
Nicknames: Boomy, Boomer, Freddy. 
Other Aliases: Outback, Fred Slade.
Height: 5'11.
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Brown.

Favorite Quotes:

"Eat Hot Shatterang Death!" - Spider-Man Unlimited #12.
"Spider-Man!...Australian for Dead!" - Peter Parker: Spider-Man #53.
"Welcome to San Diego Spider-Man...It's a great place to...DIE!" - Spectacular Spider-Man #144(Cover)

"Having Emigrated from Australia to America at a young age, Fred Myers demonstrated a most unusual talent at baseball. Suspended from the major leagues under charges of accepting bribes, he returned to Australia, where he specialized in throwing the boomerang before returning to America to seek employment as an assassin for hire. Spider-Man first encountered Myer's deadly boomerangs while helping S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury protect the Black Widow from Boomerang and the Silver Samurai. During a later rematch in San Diego, Boomerang had Spider-Man drugged and bound in chains on a boat packed with explosives, but made the classic mistake of underestimating the hero's extraordinary recuperative powers. Just like his namesake, Boomerang seems to have a way of coming back. At times, he has sought revenge on Spider-Man, joining teams such as the Sinister Syndicate. Other times, he works as muscle for hire in the employ of criminals such as Hammerhead - who retained Boomerang's services in his search for the Lifeline Tablet, which bears the secret of eternal youth." - From Spider-Man Encyclopedia.


"Fred Myers used to be a baseball pitcher in his native Australia, till he got kicked out of the league for accepting bribes! Embittered, he turned his throwing skills to a life of crime, using a variety of specialized boomerangs which contain such lethal additions as bombs, gas and razor-sharp blades! Boomy'll work for whoever pays him the most, which means I never know when he'll turn up next, or what new nefarous scheme he'll be mixed up in. Also, Boomerang has sworn to kill his fellow Spider-Man foe, the Beetle!" - From Amazing Spider-Man Trading Card 1994.


"Fred Myers, a major league pitcher suspended for taking bribes, was approached by the subversive Secret Empire. Outfitted with a costume and special boomerangs he became a freelance assassin. Boomerang has an arsenal of specially-designed boomerangs including sonic "Screamarangs" sharp "Razorangs" and exploding "Shatterangs". His costume has boot jets for flight. Boomerang became involved with a scheme organized by the mysterious Hardshell to steal a prototype nuclear blaster. This caper brought him into conflict with Spider-Man as well as several of his villainous rivals." -From Spider-Man Fleer Ultra Trading Card 1995.


"Blamed for throwing games, embittered Australian baseball pitcher Fred Myers turned his talented arm to a life of evil! Now throwing deadly boomerangs including sonic "Screamarangs" and exploding "Shatterangs" and flying on jet boots, this "free agent" now kills for the highest bidder! - From Spider-Man Premium Trading Card 1996.


"He doesn't have much going for him past his trick boomerangs. He was nearly put out of business recently when some rival criminals blasted off his right arm and set his left arm on fire, but emergency surgery saved both arms, and the Fixer has set him up with braces to compensate." - From Civil War Files.


"As a youth, Myers developed an interest in baseball and eventually got his chance, however his dreams were destroyed after it was discovered he was accepting bribes. Myers accepted employment by the subversive criminal organization, the Secret Empire, who armed him with an arsenal that was becoming of his skills and homeland of Australia. Boomerang eventually obtained a new arsenal of weapons designed and financed by underworld financier Justin Hammer and has taken various freelance assignments for the Kingin(Wilson Fisk), Crimson Cowl(Justine Hammer), and others.
Boomerang can be easily manipulated and will blindly follow orders. 
Boomerang possesses no real special talent other than a great throwing arm. He would have made more money becoming a legit baseball player than he does as a mercenary. His arsenal is composed of deadly boomerangs, each possessing their own effects." - All from Dark Reign Files.


"Amoral and extremely deadly, Myers is a striking combination of everything wrong with our world today. Myers has fallen on hard times lately and his intense feelings of self worth make him easily manipulated. I'm guessing Lucia used basic reverse psychology to get Myers to jump on board this suicide mission." - From Secret War Files.

"Boomerang is a superb athlete and a master of precision throwing and can turn any small object into a deadly projectile. He uses a wide array of specialty boomerangs, including shatterangs, which explode with the force of 20 hand grenades; deafening sonic sceamerangs; gasarangs filled with tear, anesthetic or nerve gas; gravityrangs, capable of increasing their mass to weigh down their targets; knife-edged razorangs; whirling bladerangs; incendiary flamerangs; reflexerangs, specially-weighted to disable nerve clusters; dustarangs, which dispense a powder laced with a radioisotope he can track with a special visor; electronics-scrambling disrupterangs; electric shockerangs; adhesive-filled gluemerangs; tracerangs, which fly and can follow a target tagged with a tracking device; multirangs, which split apart into several smaller boomerangs in flight; boomerangs equipped with laser blasters; boomerangs containing compressed nets; and remote-controlled boomerangs. He once used a rocketrang, a highly specialized boomerang capable of expanding to a 15-foot wingspan, adhering to a human target with a magnetic charge, then rocketing into the sky before exploding. He also carries standard, solid boomerangs. He wears a pair of boot-jets, controlled via cybernetics in his cowl, which allow him to fly at 60 mph; they can support his weight, plus 100 additional pounds, but more weight causes him to rapidly lose altitude, and at close range, he can use his jets as weapons. His costume is lightly armored. Early in his career, he employed magnetic throwing discs, capable of slicing through a metal gun barrel. He could also attach several discs to each other to form a larger projectile; by throwing several of these at an opponent's limbs, Boomerang could bind the target's limbs together, immobilizing him." - From Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update #5.