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Thats what they say, but I have hope.

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@bsmith1190: I remember Amiko, and the Savege Land baby (cant remember his name).

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How saine would you be? As a kid you think your whole family dies. Then years latter he mets the Professor, and what happens welll... the man you consider a father figure dies, only to come back some time latter and says basiclly "I only trusted Jean to know that I was really alive." Years go by and the love of his life goes bad, blows up a planet and a spaceship, and trys to kill you and friends, then kills herself. Years go by finds out that love of life did not die was just a force pretending to her. Abandens family to be with Jean only to realise he needs to be with his wife and kid but they are m.i.a. Later on finds out the the reason why you marride your wife and had a babby was because of a mad man. Then sees wife go to the dark side and trys to kill your son, then trys to kill herself and Jean. Latter on another man kidnaps your son and enjects him with a deadly virus with no cure. So a lady pops up and says don't babby Nate!!! Years later meets his son who is a senior citezin, and his psyco clon. Then finds out his cloned son created a deadly virus as a f-you dad!!! Then one of your friends kills himself inorder to stop your crazy son's virus. Years go by your brother dies, and your absorbed into the man crazy man who tried to kill your son. Your finally free, and no one seems to care. Your wife dies. Then you find out your seruget father did some bad things (Gabriel and Danger). HoM, and many of the children you were suposed to protect gets blown up, or shot. Then your real father is killed by your messed up brother. Your dead wife comes back, then the next day she dies again. Scisum happens, then AvX. Oh and dont forget you have two children from alturnet realities, and Casandra Cain. I say Scott's life from the Shiar taking your parents was when he started to go down hill. But the cracks started to show when Nathen was taken from him as a babby. And slowly grew from there.

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Could someone suggest an issue to read?

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sorry for the very late response just saw this. I have read many things with the Dark Phoenix (x-man fan). The problem with the Phoenix is the actual showings. We have seen the Phoenix force/Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix. Now when it/she was aloud to let loose there was always a draw back. Fixing the crystal she needed help to keep her humanity, flying through space she needed to replenish her power, hence eating the star. Then when it turned into Jean it lost all sence of what it trully was. This means that it may not be as lowerful as we think, we really only have other people's word for it. It has been described as being able to rival God, but lets be honest, many people one time or another has had that kind of power jump. So it kind of looses its aw factor. The other problem is we have never seen the Dark Phoenix with out a host. So again we are only left with speculation. The thing with Legion is we have seen him when he is not in control, and he has had very strong showings. But he has had the Shadow King take control of him. But the thing with this is he was a semi new charector and his powers were still not fully defind. But through the years he has gotten a lot of upgrades, and has been shown to be a power house. All the while not being in compleate control. If he actually is able to have full axess and control then there is no way of knowing how powerful he would become. So for my vote, Dark Pheonix with a host vs Legion, the winner is Legion. Dark Phoenix with out a host vs Legion, unknown due to no Pre host Force showings.

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@Brazen_Intellect: And thats why apart of me is glade Kurt is dead. I just would not know what would happen if the fuzzy elf was turnef into an ass.

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@jhazzroucher: Her mother is black. But her father is a bit tricky. We don't know his back story so we don't know when his ancesters came to America. If they came as slaves then the chances of him having some traces of white is very likly. As for other races it is posable since at some point they moved to New York and that is where a large portain of immagrints came to when comming to America. Now this is comics, so it is very possable that he is onlyAfrican American.

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@Pyrogram: Thanks?

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I blaime the Sentinals for this. If they never kidnaped some of the X-men then Storm would never have become a weather/space manipulater/tk. I also blaime Balisco for kidnapping Illyanna. Because now Storm is a weather/space manipulater/tk/magic user. Altho the Proffesor did take her out of Africa....Marvel reboot!!!!!!! Storm was never taken out of Africa. She has her own title Ororo Goddess of the desert. She does team up with the X-men from time to time. Everyone happy? :)

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@King-Stranglehold da first: In Black Panther. 
@Teerack said:

Wow....I'm not going to read this thread, but I really hope most of you were smart enough to know that nuclear fusion is NOT weather control...

That's why I'm confused as to why she can do it.